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  1. I just had another look in the hive as it's a beautiful day down here in the South, and I found the queen and some beautiful larvae. As well as observation of the Queen and brood, the numbers of bees out foraging has been increasing every day and the overall hive behaviour is very calm and ordered (as Nikki said). This has definitely been a week for learning more about hive behaviour. One very contented beekeeper here Thank you all so much!
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses - it's great to know that the beekeeping community is so helpful. In regards to bee numbers, every frame was well covered in bees on both sides. I also forgot to mention that I saw some amounts of uncapped honey on a few frames. I'll make up a warm mixture of sugar tomorrow, as suggested, and then check again in a week's time to see if there is any sign of laying *fingers crossed*. I'll also get on to watching some Trevor Gillbanks videos and school up. Thanks again!
  3. Hi folks, I'm a beginner beekeeper and purchased a single box hive at the beginning of winter. I checked it for the first time today and didn't observe any brood, capped or uncapped, and marginal amounts of pollen. There was some capped honey at the edges of the outer frames but not a lot. It seemed that many cells were completely empty and I couldn't see any eggs. I also didn't see a queen or any drones. So, a couple of questions: Should there be brood present during this time of year? Could it be that the hive is now queenless,
  4. Thanks all for the feedback. I did wonder about robbing as the entrance was being heavily blocked. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again? If I notice this behaviour again should I block up the entrance?
  5. Hi all, I'm fairly new to beekeeping (picked up my first nucleus last weekend) and I'm not sure what is happening with my hive. Yesterday the bees were coming and going from the hive in direct straight-line patterns and the returning bees were heavily laden with pollen. All seemed to be going well until today - a large number of bees were flying haphazardly in circular patterns around the entrance of the hive. Many bees were also scrambling around the entrance, as if not being able to get into the hive. This activity has since died down but I have noted about a dozen or so dead/dyin
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