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  1. Thanks, that's good advice about the hive already being weakened, so putting them on just foundation may indeed be detrimental (I have bee keeping friends in Europe who routinely use the shook swarm method as varroa control in Spring). I've been using Bayvarol in autumn, so I'll go with that. It's just earlier than usual, so I am not sure if I'd repeat again later on (in March), I'll work it out. Thanks again. Good point, thanks!
  2. I am more concerned about the hive than the honey, especially as there isn't as much brood in the brood box as in my other hives. So I would need to discard the supers?
  3. I did the spring treatment with Apivar in Sept/October, the strips came out on 20 October. We had a mild winter and the hives were ahead brood-wise compared with the year before. Thanks for the clarification about the mite loading, that make sense.
  4. Yes, I realise about the varroa, so I am looking at summer options for treatment. I did the sugar-shake method and the loading wasn't huge (less than 40), but I am keen to treat for varroa to bring the hive back on track if I can. With the shook swarm method, I was thinking of transferring the bees into a new box with only foundation, but I am unsure what to do with the supers, they're not ready for extraction.
  5. Hi there, I've got a few bees with deformed wings in one of my hives and am wondering about the best way to treat it. I used Bayvarol in autumn and Apivar in spring, but have honey supers on the hive right now. Would the shook swarm method be the best way to try to knock varroa back? Can I put some of the honey frames back on the hive once it is set up to provide extra food? There's a good nectar flow on right now. Thanks.
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