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  1. Hi appreciate some wisdom. Have a very busy single brood hive with two honey supers that want to treat with oxalic acid as usual but its so big I am worried if I suppress it down from the honey supers into a single brood box to treat it, it will swarm quickly. I am trying to avoid treating while the honey supers are on and if I use a separating board there will be bees that arnt treated in the top supers, any thoughts appreciated cheers Ken
  2. You are overthinking things, they look great! put the queen excluder on top of the bottom box put another box on top and check in two weeks time. You get less honey checking them too regularly. Have faith that the bees will do the right thing. They will fill up the bottom box's 8ish frames and then concentraite on the next box and so on.
  3. If it was me id say queenless and add larvae of the right age as a check, if they make a queen cell or three you know they were queenless. If the split is weak and small now and you have the luxury of time id recombine it with a hive and split again a week later. Reason being you want a lot of bees of the right age to make good queens. A small nuc will have a hard time raising good queens. SO split big when you can, and always feed the split with syrup so the split spends time raising a queen rather then working hard to eed itself. But there is still a chance, I have had to wait 5 weeks from making a split to seeing a laying queen. One more week isnt out of the question.
  4. Found the queen and got her into the Jenter kit today, quite special finding the specific queen on the second frame. Doing it cloak styles. Have moved four frames of brood to second box above a queen excluder, leaving 2 frames of brood etc and Jenter in bottom box. Then turned hive 180 degrees. I have used an adapted hivematt that I chiseled a 10 center meter gap out so as to make a front entrance above the queen excluder and below the second box as I dont have a real cloak board. Soo there is a rear entrance in the usual place a new front entrance leading to the second box which has a hivematt totally separating it from the first box. Hoping to move 20 jenter cells up to the top box tomorrow and then reunite the hives on sun. Does that sound about right. I run 20 hives and just want to learn how to requeen them myself, another useful beek skill.
  5. If we all were honest, we have done much worse. Ive met a few beeks who run at the first sign of trouble. May your honey jars overflow.
  6. So is it better if I place the breeding queen in a nuc thereby making a queenless big strong double hive or back in said hive under a queen excluder, in that scenario im thinking i would put cells and brood frames in second box with queen below. cheers
  7. I am in the throes of using my new jenter kit for the first time this week and am wondering if after the queen has laid in the kit if I can release her into a pre prepared nuc. This would create a queenless hive in which to raise the cells, and I only need to use the one hive. Would appreciate some knowledge as to weather this is a cunning plan or an epic fail in the making.
  8. yes lemongrass, spearment and emulsifier from memory as well, but some are adding liquid seaweed as well, makes sense but I havent been brave enough yet.
  9. Bee patient, if the hive is of a mind to reduce numbers coming into winter it could take longer than ususal.
  10. Cant go wrong with ecroids, but go for a four frame, you can still extract 2 frames if needed. A two frame one takes too long if you have a couple of boxes to extract.
  11. I use the hive docter bases and have never had this happen. There is a chance you didnt clip the trays in properly, because if you did the bees wouldnt have been able to get into the trays.
  12. Hi Guys, I have two hives where the top and second FD brood box is chock full of honey and the hives have not made much of an effort to fill the first honey super. If the second brood box is full of honey does it discourage the bees from moving into the honey super(third box in this case)? Should I take the box full of honey off and let them go to work on another box?
  13. I placed a frame of drawn comb right into the middle of my preferred hive yesterday and am hopeful of placing it horizontally over the top of my chosen cell builder hive on the weekend when I am sure the right age larvae is there. In the cell builder because I find it hard to find the queen at times I found her and put the whole frame she was on and her into a frame holder, so i can find her quick as over the weekend. Do you think she will be ok for 3-4 days like this, and how many queens should I let the cell building hive raise, I would prefer a few awesome queens rather than lots of average queens.
  14. Im going to buy a couple as it will help raise some queens easily, im hoping like frazz that there is a few more mils length so the frames dont knock the vents every time I put them in.
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