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  1. Modern mead making has come along way Tristan. You know there is potential when you see Macs brewery selling 6 packs. If your passing through Taupo drop in for a tasting session.
  2. Nice Tristan I made a dry Feijoa mead last season and has been drinkable for 6 months but starting to get really good now. Might have to try making a cyser
  3. Trying all sorts of yeasts - from champagne to beer to mead yeasts Nutrients - I'm using Fermaid O and have used Fermaid K and DAP in the past. Check out TOSNA to learn about clean ferments.
  4. Generally we are doing dry finish on our meads, some get carbonated to add some mouth feel. Also do a semi sweet but it depends on the ingredients. The problem with mead is that the consensus is its a highly sweet drink that many fold have had the same experience as yourself. I'm working on changing that.
  5. Ive got good tasting meads that are ready to drink easily within 60 to 90 days. The higher the alcohol content the longer is takes to age; my 7 - 8 % stuff is good to go pretty quick, fermenting is done within 10 to 15 days; my 12 - 14% is fermented within 21 days and is ok to drink after 3 months, longer time aging makes it better too and I usually age for 6 to 12 months depending upon the flavour profiles in it. Theres a lot to making it but techniques have changed rapidly in the last few years. New Zealand hasn't seen modern mead....... yet!
  6. The owner of midland did pass away last year......... perhaps it was the GM left that made such a decision.
  7. She James you must do some serious km's if $3.30 and a saving of 55c means you'll make a profit
  8. Adam Boot if your after the highest quality honey for your brand then you had better give me a call........ you don't want to miss out on the best ?
  9. https://beesvitaplus.co.nz A complete bee food and varroa control.
  10. I had thought there was some media earlier in the year which suggested DOC were moving to have no bees in the conservation estate. In regards to charging for Manuka sites a % of crop seems to be a fair way to go......... at least in an unknown site.
  11. Actually I like the ability to be able to tell the full story from producing the honey, to the journey to reach the next product and then to be able to show the tree the bee collected the honey from, well the general area at least. Plus I know exactly what has gone into the beehive and the extraction process. We are running a full organic operation thanks to the gib tape strips and BVP powder, and I believe that the market has headed in this direction. People want to know where their food is coming from and having a genuine back story may well be key. Besides I like keeping b
  12. What does banning iPhone's have to do with honey sales
  13. Ha I made $50 from the share market collapse..... the jokey I was shepherding for didn't believe me the DOW had dropped so much, I bet him the $50...... poor ###### not only lost the $50
  14. We may well get to that Yesbut but I gotta walk before I run.
  15. A mates son was in America recently and had a 20 minute time slot to meet with the owner of Wall Mart to get their honey (exporter) on to Walmarts shelves. The owner said "we will buy your product if it fits in between this range of pricing; we will pay a little more if you can prove traceability and there is a story behind it" Mates son commented that the price range was half of NZ Beekeepers price expectations. The fact is the world produces honey far cheaper than we do. Actually having been away to Turkey and Romania in July I was reminded how expensive NZ is.
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