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  1. Hi Folks, I am very familiar with the Carniolan , but am open to suggestion. My house is in the black bee hills and used to get small swarms most years, but would like some identification as they should have some resistance to Varroa by now. I know some bee keepers hate them but, I lived with them for 25 years. The queens and worker are as black as your hat. Check the photo below.
  2. The Black European honey bee has been appearing in my garden again, very glad to see some have made it, I took a photo of it and it looks fine and healthy. I had a black hive about twelve years ago, it was very different to the Italian bee in behavior, I did not have any trouble with aggression, it built up numbers very quickly in the spring although its numbers during the winter were small. I only had the hive for two years and then the hives in the Nelson area were destroyed because the Varroa mite had arrived. I have not seen any black swarms around and they were common around this are
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