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  1. Thanks Trevor.. I have JUST installed my fan the opposite to you. I wonder if there are comparisons as to which way works best?
  2. My question is about adding a computer fan. It there a more effective way the fan should be installed ?
  3. The story goes... a friend of a friend... has a swarm that has moved into the brickwork of a brick and tile house. Is anyone keen to somehow get the bees out before more drastic measures will be taken. The home owners don't want to kill them however practically speaking removal of bricks is not an option. The bees are on the Northshore at a private house, they have a "in entrance" and an "out exit" The swarm is about 1.5 metres off the ground so a ladder/s required. Happy to meet with whomever to assist - if anyone is keen to remove the bees without damaging the house please let me know. Removal will need to happen this coming Saturday (30th November) before their house turns into a Honey house literally
  4. Leigh

    Comb Honey

    Hobler This is really neat, have you put it back on your hives yet? would love to see the final product.
  5. Leigh

    Comb Honey

    Hey everyone So i've got the box of comb frames on the hive - the bees have filled out 2 of the 10 wooden frames - do you leave it as 10 frames or remove 1 and spread the 9 out so they can draw more comb and you end up with fatter comb and more honey? What are beeks out there doing?
  6. Leigh

    Comb Honey

    What's the outfits name in Kaikoura Roy?
  7. Leigh

    Comb Honey

    I did that to 2 frames (4 squares per 1/2 frame) - its blimen hard to keep the foundation in the middle dig?? its a bit bendy. I asked at Ceracel for the skinniest foundation they had but it still seems thick that was last year so maybe they have more range now.
  8. Leigh

    Comb Honey

    Thanks Roger. Dansar - thanks for the pic looks mouth watering. So a variety of ways to do this.. I guess i'm gonna try the starter strip technique put a 1/2 box on filled with frames and see what happens. Appreciate all the feedback.
  9. Leigh

    Comb Honey

    cuse my ignorance but what a starter strip...:x3:
  10. I'm keen to try comb honey this season... I've read on the forum abit about comb honey - if there are more key words I can enter to find more conversations - hook us up :cool: 1: Can anyone share their photos of how they ready their frames ....start to finish if poss 2: Do you insert foundation sheets into the frames for bees to draw? (I have 1/2 depth box and frames) 3: How thick are the foundation sheets you use? 4: Is there a preference i.e. foundation sheets or bees drawing comb naturally on the frame 5: What equipment are you using and if it was bought from where? Any other helpful tips n korero appreciated. Thanks
  11. will consider that option. Just noticed i'm not an egg! anymore yipee! something about that "term" egg
  12. How do u tell a queen wasp? are they just bigger? If so killed one this morning along with a little one feeding on a bee ha ha!
  13. Do they die or hibernate M4tt?
  14. Don't want cut umbilical cord just yet.... they are reallythriving in back yard u wouldn't think they same bees. Gonna with some help have a go at locating wasp nests if they still round and have a green tea of sorts with them.. thought I might leave them for winter then move back in spring-ish
  15. Hii John. Thanks for that clarification. Makes sense... i'll try the 2 entrances on one of my hives and see what happens.
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