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  1. @Jacob Given that the original level of 2MAP for mono floral manuka was 1 then in raising that level to 5 have they excluded some of the mono floral (or multifloral) manuka honeys by doing so? My understanding is that they have. As with @john berry's honey it has a fair amount of dha/methylglyoxal which only comes from manuka so to my mind for MPI to say it is non manuka is simply incorrect.
  2. The original standard had 2MAP at 1 in accordance with Claire McDonalds research. This was raised to 5 in a regulatory (political) decision to avoid the "small" (MPI's words) risk of non manuka honeys being blended to create a false positive. Your honey according to the science is mono floral. MPI's data suggests around 35% of mono floral manuka honeys have been excluded on the current standards. Analytica and others would put the figure at around 19% of mono floral manuka honeys excluded. I have been trying to phone you John. Spoke to Russell though. There has been a meeting organised
  3. I telephoned Analytica and they said $95 + gst for a '4 in 1' test of the chemical markers and $95 + gst for the dna test. They're working on accreditation for the dna test but don't expect that to take long.
  4. Just got an email from MPI ... Not about the standards though??? Here's the start of the email: - "11 April 2017 Kia ora Over the coming days you will receive an email from Colmar Brunton Research, inviting you to take part in a survey on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Understanding how you rate the quality of the services MPI provides is very important to us. Through the insights we receive, MPI will be in a better positon to improve how we deliver our products and services to you, and to shape our future work in growing and protecting New Zealand..."
  5. you should be able to watch it here Watch Fair Go Episodes - TVNZ OnDemand
  6. Thanks @Dave Black One set of wings, eyes to the front and short stubby antennae? I never knew any of that.
  7. Any idea what this is? You can't really tell from the photos but it's huge. I got a message from a friend who had caught it and thought it might be a Queen. I went and picked it up and put it in the truck in a container. After I'd checked a few hives on the farm I jumped back in the truck and heard a loud buzzing. There was another one in the truck. in the next lot of hives I checked on the same property I saw another one on the rim of an open super. The property is west of Kaitaia right by the sea.
  8. I have been with a member on here (who shall remain nameless) while he did this ... it did work too
  9. A fascinating short video on why weight distribution matters so much for trailers. This is the season where many boats will be trailered to their winter stor...
  10. On the bright side I could get a surf in if the wind swings Southwest which it should do ... but then again
  11. Thanks @Philbee the latest thread pretty much answered it. 6 metre+ swells on Friday might prevent me from getting to the apiary I need to but I'll just have to give it a shot I guess.
  12. I have Queen cell cage protectors (they look like hair curlers that Ena Sharples would wear) over cells that are due to hatch Thursday or Friday. I want to leave the Queens in the cell cage protectors and let them out into nucs a couple of days after hatching. Will this do the Queens any harm? Do Queens need to be free to roam and eat as required immediately after hatching or will the bees feed the Queens through the gaps in the cell cage protectors?
  13. Checks every 10 days would be ok for you I'm guessing because you're going to pick up on a hive that's going to swarm earlier than the likes of me. I understand that they'll swarm close to the time the Queen cells are capped and as I'm likely to miss that first day or two of swarm mode I've buttoned checks back to 5 days with a 7 day max. I only check 2 or 3 frames of each hive ... until I find the first swarm cell. I got the 9 frame brood box idea from you from memory. About 1/3 seem to fill in the space on one or both sides which I now take as an indication of potential swarming. If they s
  14. Hi Alistair. All of mine are single full depth brood box with 9 hoffman frames, Queen excluder and 3/4 honey boxes on top with 8 manley frames. Requeened in late Autumn on the Towai flow. Hives are checked for swarm cells every 5 days (no more than 7) from mid September. I try to have these hives at or close to the beach or on the way to the beach as that encourages me to go ... If cells are found the hive is split and any honey boxes transferred to another hive to finish. First swarms start in the latter part of September - although nothing yet ... we'll see today. I raise Queens in anticipa
  15. Sorry. I was joking/trolling (Sorry @Grant). There seems to be something very off ... Still does.
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