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  1. best of luck. you have the right attitude. i'm sure you find a job. the moderators will probably remove your details soon. forum policy. don't take it personally.
  2. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    right. so just keep doing what we are doing. it's cheap now and will cost us everything once caught out.
  3. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    it's probably all these beekeepers who had a bad previous season with manuka growing more dope to compensate. i tell ya, these damn beekeepers. we should lock them all up and nz would be a much saver place.
  4. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    totally disagree. it is the most relevant debate if we truly wanted to turn away from 1080 drops. but it's probably pointless to have this debate here.
  5. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    i can see that both activities suit a similar type since both involve tramping through the bush. but do you think a person turns into a grower because he has found employment as a trapper? or do you think staying on the benefit will stop anyone from growing? i actually think beekeeping should be stopped because it makes it way too easy for growers to bring loads in and out on trucks camouflaged as beehives
  6. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    what is meaningful about killing possums to make $ of their fur if at the same time the actual control is 1080 and you actually need to "breed " more possums to be more economical? for those who see making $ as a meaning of life the world is still round. those that see no real value in this have inherited a pear shaped world. in every society there is always a number of people that won't fit in. how we treat those shows the true hart of a society.
  7. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    cyanide was the first choice ( i think also their preferred choice to top themselves) i'm pro cyanide in pest control. i hope that won't make me a nazi in your eyes?
  8. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    that sort of attitude is a real shame. because obviously the alternative to 1080 drops are very labor intense. i have witnessed first hand how people who had no place in this society have found a meaningful life as trappers. people with more charter than most of us here put together. who's main fault was, that they will not back down. also have witnessed how anti 1080 personal in pest control were replaced by those who suck up to it. i don;t argue that 1080 works. there might be areas where there is no practicable alternative at this stage. but even where 1080 is avoidable it is still used. and 1080 drops, where only a small % even reaches the target, are just criminal. if it was a "one off" and then we work out how we continue. but this will go on for ever until people stand up. and the alternative is labor intense. beneficiaries/inmates are not a different species of human. many have more character and mana than those in the "workforce" and might prove themselves when given a meaningful chance.
  9. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    i don't believe that for one minute. if nobody speaks up 1080 will go on till the end of times. (just like roundup) what's wrong with cyanide and trapping? bit labor intense but it suits a type of personality that often struggles to fit into the new society and ends up in jail. often the finest characters you come across. is it cheaper for society to jail them than putting their talents to common good use? blaming those calling you out on 1080 to damage nz is just such a rubbish. not changing our ways before international media will have a go at us it suicide and will come us far dearer than any alternative pest control in the long run.
  10. tom sayn

    Watch what you say.

    sometimes i wonder where this country is going. beekeepers promoting 1080 and (roundup and neonics). i think nz uses 85% of the worlds 1080? and has the highest roundup use per head in the world? but is considered clean green nz, don't care how unpopular this comment might make me here but enough is enough.
  11. tom sayn

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    usually i agree with the idea "user pays", but with beekeeping, that's a totally different story. we all know how important bees are to all kind of sectors. i think it is fair to assume that the nz economy would collapse if nz bees would go by by. this taken into consideration, the "user" is everyone and founding should reflect that. the honey value has gone up (arguable with non manuka honey) but beekeeping overheads and problems have skyrocketed in the last few years. we have to make sure any levy is collected of profits only, and not of turn over. (that's why i would ply for adding the levy onto landowner fees. they only happen if there is true profit) i find it questionable if small beekeeping businesses actually benefit of research in an economic sense. we are the ones who are likely to survive what ever is thrown at us cos we are skilled and flexible. it's corporate beekeeping that want all this research on supplements and stocking rates. and then, what's going to happen? more bees? even bigger apiaries? i believe corporate beekeeping is on it's knees (after just one bad season). let's not make the mistake to give them power, they are likely to drag us down with their sinking ship.
  12. tom sayn

    Which way do I vote on the honey levy ?

    i leave it to others to judge if these guys have a mandate, but i think the honey/kg based fee is totally off. take $1 of a umf20 manuka and the guy will hardly feel it. take 10cent of a $4 honey (before it's even sold) and you pack up. put a levy on the landowner fees. bring it out in the open what some guys stick in their pocket because they happen to be lucky enough to live next to a public reserve or reckless enough to disrespect their neighbors. and that "minister" should get behind this if he really wants to tidy up with wild west.
  13. tom sayn

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    u mean a selection of advertisement junk for the rubbish. not even good to light the fire.
  14. tom sayn

    Which way do I vote on the honey levy ?

    ? maybe the language barrier. i don't understand this.
  15. tom sayn

    Which way do I vote on the honey levy ?

    obviously they have to get their head around this first and it could be that they actually care what their members want. might first have to find a consent. otherwise they wouldn't be much different from the other lot.