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  1. where is conference this year? i believe you have a great future, Rene. please keep at it. do you take on apprentices?
  2. tom sayn

    Secondhand Boxes

    you don't have to burn gear that has not been on infected hives. take it to the tip if you can't find someone who is willing to take the risk which seems low in your case. @Moby Duckbio security law overrules environmental law if something is afb infected, but burning plastic without an afb infection is actually environmentally criminal. an other example why we should drive the afb sniffer dog idea forward. with all the great farm dog breeds and experienced dog trainers in nz this could be so successful. especially used gear away from the bees. so easy to do. isn't it a shame that we burn plastic in this age? think of all the plastic that will be burned when the manuka boom is over. unless we come up with a solution, the only logic consequence should be a ban on selling any more plastic beekeeping equipment.
  3. tom sayn

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    gee, your greasy, @Ted
  4. tom sayn

    Organic acid (oxalic, formc) suppliers - help please

    i bought some oxalic of "place makers" about 2 month ago . producer is "Jac Jay" it doesn't say how much % the acid is, so i phoned (twice, to be sure to be sure) and they stated it's more than 99%. forgot where my last formic came from, but always keen on more suppliers. good move @ApiNZ Science & Research!!!!!
  5. tom sayn

    Nutritional supplements

    red bull - vodka - jaegermeister. don't blame me if you get in trouble. good thing, you will probably not remember anyway.
  6. tom sayn

    Strange suicide behaviour

    unluckily on a forum you will receive a lot of contradicting advice. i believe what you are seeing is caused be something that the bees are consuming as food, inside or outside the hive. i don't think nosema apis is the leading cause, though the situation might cause them nosema now and you may find raised nosema levels. paralyses virus might be possible, but most bees seem not to have the "naked, shiny" look to them and the poo is not typical for paralyses neither. i guess some bees are just wet from the gras, that's why they appear hairless? i wouldn't feed them anything. personally i would just leave them bee and hope for the best. bees are usually able to deal with dysentery. if there's no poo inside the hive, that's great. there's actually not that many bees outside to worry too much by the looks of it. a transport could make things worth.
  7. tom sayn

    Strange suicide behaviour

    nothing typical to cororapa i can see from my experience. never saw boo or clusters of still alive bees outside the hive.
  8. tom sayn

    Strange suicide behaviour

    don't know that word neither but i think i can guess what it is. it's great to see you did some research and inspected their gut @NewBee. more than most beekeepers ever will do. nice work. maybe @JohnFcan help or can someone post the lab contact to newbee? i'm hopeless with those kinda things. my guess is that your bees consume/d something that is causing this. have seen similar defecation from hives that have been flooded . maybe that's a clue? but i'm just fishing here.
  9. tom sayn

    Strange suicide behaviour

    i don't know what's "defamation", but it looks like there is sever dysentery on your paper? i know, sounds cruel, but you may be causing far more harm helping those sick ones. it's the bees natural way of coping with diseases that infected individuals die outside. maybe get them tested. there might be an issue with sprays or the bees are robbing something that's no good to them. some more photos how the sick bees are naturally spread might be interesting.
  10. tom sayn

    Nutritional supplements

    i believe we know little about cause and effect with most of these products. some products just might encourage brood raring and that just increases the need for pollen. pollen that might not be available. and how will this effect the control colonies if the other half has declared it's spring and is getting greedy for pollen? if you feed something to your bees now that shortens their life span, this will make your hive start brood raring in the middle of winter, in the hope to produce a generation that is still alive in spring.( but probably will go down with nosema later.) and we don't know how the neighbors supplement feeding might effect our apiary next to it. very complex situation. nosema used sort out overstocking issues and mismanagement in the long run. the weather was the big unknown factor. but now there is ever changing stocking rates, managements and supplements around you. the fact, that hives that were fed artificial pollenproducts have raised levels of nosema (but don't suffer losses) and the info i receive of beekeepers, that you must not stop feeding these supplements though spring once you started, really makes me wonder how much of the cororapa scenarios have been mainly caused by subs. and how much this effects neighboring hives not getting supplements so far i refuse to fed my bees with protein like pigs. but i might suffer the piggery next door never the less. same might apply to synthetic varroa treatments. we all pretty much agree they are a necessary to keep the hives alive in nz. but how much of our PMS regime is actually cause by these treatments?
  11. tom sayn

    New One Piece 12L Top Feeder

    i'm using plenty of plastic around my hives. even run some polystyrene hives. so the critic is totally me included. since i had to burn my first few hives in the last couple of years i haven't bought anymore plastic. i'm thinking a lot "what if i had to burn dozens of hives?" . but if i was building up i'd be itching about this feeder now. looks like the best i've ever seen that money can buy.
  12. tom sayn

    New One Piece 12L Top Feeder

    looks like a real winner. just sad that we keep sliding deeper and deeper down the plastic slope. just too easy.
  13. tom sayn

    Science and research in Apiculture

    anyone serious about eradication of afb would consider a dog program, (and some science to back it up would be great) many of us fear an afb disaster brewing up, some experience it already. i know it's the wrong thread, but can anyone tell me where and when the next DECA course/test is near coromandel. some hobbyist just asked me.
  14. tom sayn

    Autumn Varroa

    so in other words you couldn't care less how we do our deal, right? @Philbeei had only now time to look more closely into the oxalic strip thing and will do a bit more studying on it. i thought they come as a ready to go into the hive treatment, but if i see that right then i have to apply the oxalic/glycerine, right? i still think it's a great idea and want to give it a go, but as i am already in the middle of my last round i think i will continue with what i'm doing and get one or tow pales of you to apply in spring or so.
  15. tom sayn

    Autumn Varroa

    thanks. can you please book me for enough to treat about 50 singles, please. i will go through the official marketing post so @Grantgets his share.