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  1. Manuka standards

    i believe my honey should be classed as multi floral , but most makes it to mono at about 100+ mgo and around 800 dha. you couldn't do blending with it or dilute it. i wouldn't rule out that some of it is about 80% floral manuka, but would guess more around %70 10% is still stuck in the frames. i believe the quality of this year's crop is above average. some years most of my honey could fail. but that's how it should work out. often didn't feel great about selling the blend stuff as manuka, but if you know that's what the buyer is selling it for anyway....... all in all the new tests might be a slight improvement at great cost. doesn't seem right that you can dilute any manuka by factor 3 and still end up with manuka like Merk's results, but under mgo standards you probably could have diluted it even more....
  2. Two Day Mini - Conference Hamilton

    anyone who went cares to enlighten the rest of us? there must have been some interesting discussions i would think.
  3. MPI new accountability

    as a rich manuka producer i get bored with all that free time. but also more access due to a number of reasons and also have to go online a lot checking orders, lab results, offers.... but it's also that some topics at the moment interest me while sometimes nothing really jumps at me. sometimes i just had enough of you guys asking me nosy questions and stop posting all together.......
  4. Manuka standards

    luckily i don't and luckily for MPI, since i made it through the first half century without a firearm i don't see my self applying for a license in a hurry.
  5. MPI new accountability

    the cooperates have to do it because of theft (mainly in there own operation)so they thought they make you do it too. (among other things)
  6. Manuka standards

    i think it's all this manuka standard bull sh.. . really makes you wanna shoot somebody
  7. Chalk Brood

    i had that last year. the first ones i got couple of seasons ago after i introduced new gens into my stock and the much more the following year. thought that i wasn't careful enough with my selection. it's much better this season. well, so far. will let you know. you think there might be an "outside"factor to this?
  8. @BACKAIDi came to the conclusion that i really want to try one out first. would be a lot easier if you were based here or had sold some already to the northisland. sorry
  9. Manuka standards

    i respectfully suggested that u take controversy if afb is worse than varroa somewhere else. bad idea, i know. should kept my mouth shut. could have should have,....didn't
  10. Manuka standards

    "guys" i wanted to say. nothing personal to anyone. sorry.
  11. Manuka standards

    guy, u really have to let it go now or take it somewhere else.
  12. Manuka standards

    it seems that the chemical markers correlate rather well with with dha. but just like dha becomes mgo, the chemical markers probably change into something else. i think it might be time for the honey taster as a profession.
  13. Manuka standards

    i assume you are talking marijuana now, right? we are famous for that too, of cos. i hear white rabbit is off the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Manuka standards

    far north can get readings like this (if they get a crop at all) i doubt there is places on the coromandel that are that high, but maybe. anything near a 1000 dha makes me cheer. but there is better turfs than mine. i picked this spot for the people, the fishing and the coastline. mind you as far as flavor goes, our honey is second to no one.
  15. Manuka standards

    my guess is that few teachers come from a beekeeping background. rather a teachers background with some basic beekeeping experience on a hobbyist level.