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  1. Cheers Tommy Dave in the end that's exactly what I did do so thanks for your feedback. There were a few dead mites on the catch tray under the base so leaving the strips in and adding a box seemed the right thing to do. Looking forward to seeing the result in three weeks when I return.
  2. Thank you everyone appreciate it. I'll add a super and let nature take it's course........ and do some more reading plenty to learn....Cheers
  3. the nuc wasn't full of mites, I only found one and thought since I was leaving it unattended for four weeks I'd treat it just in case
  4. thank you for your response, my main concern is that leaving them for four weeks that the two brood boxes would be over full and the bees might leave? Is that a possible scenario? Is adding a super a good insurance policy?
  5. Complete novice here... I've started my first hive about two weeks ago starting with a five frame Nuk. The first box rapidly filled in about eight days so added a second box which is rapidly filling too. On my first inspection of the first box I found a mite and because I am about to go away on holiday for four weeks I opted to insert some Bayvarol strips in both boxes. My concern now is that the two boxes will be completely full in a short time and I'll be away. What should I do? Do I put a honey super with queen restricter on to accommodate the overflow? If so will the content of the super b
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