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  1. Thanks yesbut, i dont have a copy of the book yet but will buy one as soon as i find a reasonably-price copy.
  2. Thanks again Treavor, sorry for my ignorance, do i need to cover the frames with wax myself, or will the bees do that for me ? ?
  3. Hi yesbut, thanks for your thoughts on the matter. I am brand-new to beekeeping (actually, pre-brandnew ? ) so i dont even know the basics yet. What is the actual purpose of dipping frames in paraffin wax? is it only for preserving the timber or is there another reason?
  4. Thanks Trevor for your reply. I joined the Wellington Beekeepers Association last week, and hope that they have a club facility where I can dip my boxes. Just waiting to get my login sorted so I can access their website forum. Have a great day.
  5. Hi. I am in the process of assembling boxes & frames to begin my new beekeeping adventure. I live in Belmont, Lower Hutt. Could someone plez let me know where i can get my boxes hot-dipped in paraffin wax, and what might be the cost for this service per box? Many thanks in advance.
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