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  1. Oh and you are right, when I think about it, some of the frames had smaller patches of brood and some areas of pollen and drones instead (all indicators to swarming as I now know with filling up the brood chamber).
  2. Hi everyone, just an update on my hive. My tutor came around and said the hive is humming and healthy and was amazed at how much brood she was laying and in all four boxes there were larvae and brood. He took 6 frames of solid brood and we put 6 frames with foundation back in the second box. Regarding splitting I said I think I will stick to just the one hive this season. I went in the hive the very next day and found a queen cell that was on the top of a frame made out of a brood cell and next to two drone cells but no other brood as it was a frame she was hatching out of in the bot
  3. Also is there such a thing as a brood hive where she produces 'too much' brood and this doesn't equate to exponentially that much more honey with that many bees? It would take a lot of bees and resources to keep this four brood box hive operating? Even three brood boxes?! When they were just 3 brood boxes and I put the honey super on, I thought they would have been really busy on it but didn't do anything! Maybe they are just still in brood rearing stage? As soon as I forgot and left the QE off they were up there and going for it though. I guess the queen dictated that one.
  4. Thanks again for replies. I'm remembering when I went a first picked up my Nuc (which was actually a full 3/4 box of bees from my tutor) and had to do my first solo beekeeping at night with ANGRY bees getting them onsite. Can't say i'm in a hurry to repeat that. But its looking like a safe option. If I turned the queen right hive around (once moving to the side from the original spot and putting the split in the original spot). How would you then turn it back? I thought bees can be confused really easily if you move the hive even a little? Would you turn it back to face the same way in increme
  5. Ok great thanks for all the responses! Being in a backyard and with young children, my bees are behind a bamboo scrub fence i've erected to make them fly over it and off without flying into people. There is enough room to walk around the hive and for another hive to go next to the current one. Also when I go in, I can open up one whole side to have more room to work. This would make it tricky with putting the queen right hive metres away. With the putting it the opposite way, this hive has its back to the fence (About 80cm away from it and if turned to face the fence it would be facing South..
  6. Hello, this is my first year beekeeping (since Feb this year). I finished a year long fortnightly one day course on beekeeping in July. But there is just so so so much to learn! And no one way of doing it as i've discovered. My bees overwintered well and have been absolutely cranking since the start of August. Bayvarol came out start of July and I've seen no sign of Varroa (in drone cells or on bees) since. I'll do a sugar shake test the next fine day and check this way too. I have three boxes of brood with 7 frames of brood in each one and a honey/pollen frame either side (I run 9 frames a bo
  7. Hi there, just checking in on the natural split or walkaway split method and how it worked out? I'm running a brood monster hive residentially which is four boxes with 23.5 frames of brood. Bonkers. My instructor from the bee course I did is coming to look at it next week as he said that's a phenomenal performance from a queen and wants to look himself! I'm in my first year of beekeeping and have had this hive since Feb. Just wanting some more advice on doing a natural split? I'm thinking of taking off one of the brood boxes and placing it next to the mother hive? Reducing the entrance, m
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