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  1. Hi. Newbie keeper question. We have our hive on concrete so dead bees really obvious and regularly have dead bee carpets. We also seem to have tons of robbers with the hive sound amping up several times per day. Plus the hovering horde at the front door. The girls are holding them off and we've closed the gap etc. The carpet is also likely from that as well? No signs of verroa or deformed wing or ... With a new nuc you would see that too wouldnt you? Weaker new hive getting hammered by others...
  2. I would have to say that I'm surprised as my understanding is there are more hives than ever. Also statistically theres a few problems. If we lose 2.3% of hives per year (and my understanding is we do to varroa, starvation, AFB , dead queen etc) then thats 33% over 14 years (2006 to 2020). The article has some bad statistics backed by a bogus quote to give it false legitiamacy .. ie who knew Albert E, as a physicist mathmetician, was qualified to knowledgeably discuss biology and hive keeping? Thats like the pope being considered an expert on object oriented program
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