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  1. Campbell River on Vancouver Island. That is the west coast of Canada for folks that aren't aware of our island.
  2. I would expect packages to be abundant in your part of the world this year, very few of them came north in March and April. The ones that arrived here at our place are now tucked in for winter, will do one more round of liquid in another week, then strap the lids down till February.
  3. We have had varroa here on Vancouver island as along as I've been keeping bees (11 years now). Newfoundland is still varroa free and folks are making noise about how to keep it that way.
  4. Import packages are always a big hit and miss after the trip halfway around the world. We usually plan on losing at least one or two when we get them. I got 10 this year, one had queen dead in the cage when they arrived. What the distributor tells us to do, go ahead and hive them anyways, probably means there is a loose queen in there. Check the next day for a queen on the comb. When I did that, the next day there were virtually no bees left in the box, they had migrated next door to the box with a queen. It happens. 8 of them built up well, then we had one that di
  5. New to the site, but I can comment on this. I'm on Vancouver Island, I got 10 NZ packages this spring on March 8. Mine were of the Kintail variety in the square shipping boxes. I know others that got a bunch shortly after I got mine, Aritaki variants that come in the tubes. I can say with some good certainty, at least two palettes of the Kintail packages made it to the Island this year, and a similar amount of Aritaki were in the lower mainland of BC before the flights stopped. With that said, there was a significant kafuffle with our shipment, originally we were supposed to ge
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