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  1. Hi y'all, It might be a bit late for this week, but I just wanted to invite everyone to the FutureBees NZ Online Discussion Group meetings. The next one will be tomorrow, with another one coming up in two weeks. This was a brainchild of mine during lockdown (too much time on my hands, I guess ) which we started in June and have been offering every other week since then. The meetings are run by myself and at least one of my colleagues, usually my friend Jonah. The FutureBees NZ online discussion group is open to all beekeepers (and affiliated industry) whether in Ne
  2. Recurring online meetings on varying topics, this is open for everyone who might be interested! For current topics and the sign-up link, please visit Discussion Groups – FutureBees NZ FUTUREBEESNZ.WORDPRESS.COM We connect beekeepers all around New Zealand to help address the issues they are facing in their daily operations. Our Mission In the "new world" we...
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