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  1. Beehavn, You seem to know an incredible amount about Rose Beehives without being able to find the web site. You might like to contact Tim Rowe at http://www.rosebeehives.com/contact.html and order a copy of his book. You may find it easier to make a constructive contribution on the topic after reading it. Looking forward to it ...
  2. Thanks, Roger, do you have many hives or is this more for people who have a lot of work to do ?
  3. Hi DJC, I hoped to discuss FD and 3/4 boxes a bit more in the "Rose beehives" thread of yesterday. Could we continue now for me to understand why you are switching to FD brood boxes ? Thanks.
  4. Hi, thanks for your many thoughts and comments. I am interested why you are are introducing FD brood boxes. Is a 3/4 on each box going to be part of the brood box, or will the FD be large enough by itself ? I am early along the road and not absolutely fixed on using only 3/4 boxes, and the mixture worked fine for me thus far. One point made elsewhere is that a brood FD does not weigh nearly as much as an FD full of honey. Also, are nucs available in 3/4 size or only FD ? Thanks.
  5. As a new beekeeper, I decided to stick with 3/4 boxes and started with two hives which our tutor set up with brood and food and queened. Both went queen right, but a month later one went queenless. In the meantime I had bought a strong hive which had become available, with a full depth brood box. Immediately after I inspected it I added a 3/4 drawn box under the QC as it was on the point of swarming, and that seemed to settle it down well, as well as a 40 Km relocation. After a couple of weeks there were a lot of eggs, larvae and capped brood - this meant that eggs and brood were available on a 3/4 frame after a month for use in the queenless hive, a FD frame would be of no use. Now the queenless hive is queenright again. Now, how to change from FD to 3/4 only ? In his Rose Hive book Tim suggests adding rose boxes under older boxes which "float up" over a couple of seasons before being retired. Will this work in our situation ?
  6. Hi Chris, The section on "Registration costs for food control plans and national programmes" states: "24. Do producers classed as medium to low risk have to register? Yes. Producers of food products which are classed as a medium to low risk, such as jams and pickles, honey (not comb), and those selling fruit or vegetables produced by others will be subject to a national programme unless there are limited sales as a fundraising or personal development activity." What is this personal development activity ? Could it be a sales under a certain value such as a couple of thousand dollars ? Thanks.
  7. tudor

    Wax Moth

    Is there anything you can spray on your supers to kill the moths without leaving residues picked up when the frames are used again ?
  8. According to more experienced beekeepers in the South we seem to be having more wax moth, perhaps due to mild winters. Is this being reported widely ? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Has there been a debate about using Queen Excluders, or not using them ? Could you summarise it ? Thanks.
  10. tudor


    Janice I think we did 4 + 4 + 2 in all, and all that we did were heavy, but may have lost count of 4 more .
  11. tudor


    Thanks Janice, I learned a lot especially about how well the escape boards worked, decapping, scratching and extracting. And thanks for the honey which received my wife's approval and has a lovely caramel end-taste (if you know what I mean). Regards.
  12. tudor


    Hi Janice I am a new beekeeper down near Portobello, doing the course back to front i.e. practical then theory, of which I have already learned a lot. Have three hives, one with supers needing taking off soon. Could I attend your robbing on Satuday to learn the practical process ? Thanks.
  13. Jute bags from coffee roasting companies seem to be very popular in Dunedin, but some have been fumigated with methyl bromide. Is this a real or theorectical concern ? Thanks,
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