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  1. This really fits in with what is happening all the time, that people think they can keep bees without any learning of theory, without any practical training, and being mentored by well meaning beekeepers on web sites. So they don't go on for long, and may leave messy foot prints. Should there be some requirement before people keep bees ? An often asked question.
  2. Interesting - wonder what science they use or just opinions ? Would this imply that queen excluders must be used ?
  3. A much better approach is to work out why the bees are hanging out. Opening the hive will give you information to help with this. Or are you just joking ? Regards.
  4. Welcome @Colonel nice evening for your bees to be having a cup of honey to keep warm ...
  5. The poly jars from Ecrotek have a tamper proof lid which will reveal if the seal has been broken, my honeys go into places where they are allowed, nothing about cap inserts ...
  6. This is strain kurstaki and it's my understanding that the strain aizawai is specific for wax moth - and this topic has given a lot of discussion a couple of years ago. Any further comments @deejaycee
  7. Kind Country below the line ? I thought the line was latitude 42 degrees which is in the South Island, and one has to be below this, like us in Dunedin. Punakaiki is about 42 degrees, Kaikoura is at 42.4
  8. Hi@tommy dave yes, Clare and I are about half way through the harvest, took 6 boxes off 4 hives yesterday, bees so docile, about 250 kg still to come. Hives having AFB check and Bav strips, all well, most setting up well for winter hopefully no feeding needed this year.
  9. The effect of MH if taken by mouth would be lost as it is absorbed higher up in the gut. I am most impressed by a practical suggestion to get the manuka honey into contact with the lining of the colon. A few days ago I posted about the aphrodisiac effects, maybe a similar approach is needed - but a bit scary, as yesterday we parked our honey car containing 6 nice supers full of honey with an open window, and had a visit by about 100,000 bees (I lost count after a while). What if they came to inspect me, scantily clad ?
  10. Does this apply ? https://www.idealmagazine.co.uk/how-honey-can-help-your-sex-life/ oops, nearly got wrong emoticon ...
  11. Please read the paper which reports laboratory research and nothing to do with symptoms. This misleading statement is at the bottom of how gullible people think that manuka honey actually helps them if taken by mouth - if they lived in a Petri dish in a laboratory it could possibly help them a bit. Possibly.
  12. These death caps have that name because they look like edible mushrooms, and in my career I've seen a couple of families all die from a good feed. Here are two which are easier, one is just made of cement and painted. Which is which ?
  13. @Trevor Gillbanks could you please enlarge on APV and PMS relationship. Thanks.
  14. Does not sound like poisoning as the father recovered very quickly. A description is: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/327545/Three-treated-for-suspected-toxic-honey-poisoning but no confirmation of tutin toxicity. Without any more information it is difficult to diagnose poisoning in the child, the father's reaction could be anxiety/hyperventilation. And obeying the rules is very important.
  15. Hmmm, this reaction sounds as if it could be non-physical ...
  16. That's the way they set it up, and it ends up with the bottom box pretty empty so they use those stores by moving them up. You need to practice what heavy is - and it's really heavy to get through winter. Some people like to weigh hives, but I just like to heft the hive by lifting the front and feeling a good pull in the long tendons of the flexor muscles of the fingers. Any doubt, aim to feed in autumn, but remember that feeding in winter can turn your winter bees into summer bees. A good topic for discussion ...
  17. There is a lot of misunderstanding about hives when it cools down. The bees don't heat all the boxes, only the brood box and then the cluster when it's really cold. My standard is 3 * 3/4 boxes for winter, the bottom with stores (pollen and honey), the middle with brood and stores, and the top with mainly honey. Works well. And bees will bring in lots of nectar still, just let them work on it and feed them later if the hive is not HEAVY.
  18. Please stop this silly stuff, accurate and effective management of defensive hives means one keeps the resource of the bees and on the hive goes with a good queen.
  19. @CHCHPaul try some cement, about 3 teaspoons full per cup, in your afternoon tea and you will find yourself feeling much better .. i.e. firming up And bring along an empty FD box and you can solve the problem this year before you convert to all 3/4 boxes.
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    That's what we call a "double blind study"
  21. tudor


    Thanks, @Dennis Crowley I have been looking and not found any convincing scientific papers on the use of honey on wounds in humans, compared to other agents or honeys. Lots about use on bacteria in Petri Dishes in the laboratory. Could you please forward copies or links (if I can get access to them) ? Regards.
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    Correct - where is there any information backing up this statement ? Web sites pushing manuka are full of it, but it's just advertising. The "research" compares manuka honey with other (or no) treatments, not against other honeys which have been used for centuries. It's all lacking honesty. Some of us keeping on making these statements, but are ignored as the main driver is just money. And then the manuka honey people get offended when people make similar claims for other honeys. You gotta smile ...
  23. http://www.biobees.com/library/general_beekeeping/beekeeping_books_articles/At the Hive Entrance.pdf
  24. Basic principle - get good quality from reputable commercial, you get what you pay for. My current Deanes full bee suit is over 6 years old and works fine apart from needing iron on patches for rips, zips are fine, and gives great protection.
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