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  1. Strong 3/4 single box split with base board, hive mat, lid and strap. Laying queen. Inspected AFB negative.
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    That's what we call a "double blind study"
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    Thanks, @Dennis Crowley I have been looking and not found any convincing scientific papers on the use of honey on wounds in humans, compared to other agents or honeys. Lots about use on bacteria in Petri Dishes in the laboratory. Could you please forward copies or links (if I can get access to them) ? Regards.
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    Correct - where is there any information backing up this statement ? Web sites pushing manuka are full of it, but it's just advertising. The "research" compares manuka honey with other (or no) treatments, not against other honeys which have been used for centuries. It's all lacking honesty. Some of us keeping on making these statements, but are ignored as the main driver is just money. And then the manuka honey people get offended when people make similar claims for other honeys. You gotta smile ...
  5. http://www.biobees.com/library/general_beekeeping/beekeeping_books_articles/At the Hive Entrance.pdf
  6. Basic principle - get good quality from reputable commercial, you get what you pay for. My current Deanes full bee suit is over 6 years old and works fine apart from needing iron on patches for rips, zips are fine, and gives great protection.
  7. Not crazy but wasting lots of time - the end result of eggs means the queen has returned and is laying.. The result of waiting to see her return is probably as likely as waiting to see the Easter Bunny
  8. I have not bothered to test as obvious attacks on bees being killed and taken away rather gives the game away. As does a good result ...
  9. Some places around Dunedin are being hammered by wasps, and I have supplied 4 Vespex dispensers. One has over 90% of wasps (many, many) gone and most of the bait, which sounds good. On the other hand, I have not seen any wasp activity on the Peninsula yet. If you are near Dunedin, please contact me if you need Vespex near your hives.
  10. You really need to do some research yourself and find out the regulations, both on the MPI site and this web site, and contact your local council inspectors. This is not trivial.
  11. If you are using only 3/4 size boxes life is a lot easier.
  12. Personally, I prefer picking up the queen by wings with right hand facing to my left, then placed on left index finger facing left, and legs gently held by left thumb. The open, primed Posca marking pen is in palm of right hand. She is often a bit startled, and marked while she is considering her options. Then I often let her walk over my hand - while over open box, of course - while ink dries a bit, and then lower her down to the frame or she jumps down. Great moment. And nitrile gloves enable this sort of manipulation, which takes about a minute or less once she has been found. Only had one "faint" but she recovered in a minute or two - it took me longer !
  13. You can't approach your problem with logic unless you inspect the whole hive, then you can exclude a number of things: 2 queens queen only below QE leaking QE and just to point out that a strong queen usually needs more boxes than you are providing And why not learn to mark queens to make life easier for yourself ?
  14. Try Yellow Box honey (Eucalyptus melliodora) its is stunningly good, closely followed by Leatherwood. When you visit Oz, or course ... But who in their right mind would eat strong manuka honey ? It's like believing that medicine must taste 'orrible to work.
  15. Opens the whole topic of "Good" honey or "Real" honey, could keep us busy for a while ...
  16. Cool down, take deep breath, have a relax and realise that your chain may be being pulled ...
  17. But manuka is 'orrible 'oney anyway and bush 'onies tend to be very nice, so it's all good for people who like honey at fair prices.
  18. Beware that this may be the classical error of weakening your hive just when robbing and raiding is starting. Wisdom would suggest letting your hive get strong, come through winter, and be really strong before splitting it.
  19. I just can't see that this is an issue. Just give the bees more space by adding honey supers, drawn if you have them or foundation if not (and attract them up with some honey frames), and the bees will do what is needed. Getting a honey choked brood box means you are way behind the game.
  20. Only had one case last year in 30 hives and the colony shook it off without requeening. Used to have 2-3 cases per year of which a couple dwindled away even with requeening, but none this year. No attempt at explaining, just observing the incidence.
  21. Decision making is often based on risk reduction. Treating swarms of "foreign " bees i.e. not from your perfectly managed hives, for varroa is a very good idea especially is its only for a few days hitting "phoretic varroa" i.e. on bees not within cells. And this may well keep the vast swarm energy going, rather than sick bees which don't come on. @Errol S had a very good result from a swarm with many, many varroa coming down with strips in. He may like to comment. Remember, it's your decision ... and lots of opinions are just opinions.
  22. tudor

    FFC December meeting

    Our next meeting of the season will be held on Saturday 2 December 2017 at 779 Portobello Road, Edwards Bay at noon. Summer is here, swarming has been happening, and honey supplies are building up. And hive AFB inspections must be done for you by 30/11/2017 unless you hold a DECA. Topics for the meeting: How to harvest honey, how to check that it is ready, how to extract it, how to bottle it up, and we will run through a practical session but no honey frames yet. Or please bring a box along if you want to extract some. And how to arrange to extract your hives in a registered facility so you can sell the honey. Then the main interest in this meeting is for people to bring along some food to share, and to have fun and good discussions. No meeting in January 2017, too much holiday time to enjoy. And please remember that this get together is by personal invitation only, which is by email. If you have not had an email, or a friend wants to come along, please get them to email me with some details about them self, and I can invite them. Regards, Tudor. 027 2085133 brightwaterbees@gmail.com
  23. Or just leave them alone for 3 weeks and see how they turn out with a mated queen. And if they have a queen laying already, then re-queen and squash her if you find her.
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