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  1. Beautiful. I do love the way Mount Alfred sits tucked in at the top of the lake between the Dart and Rees rivers.
  2. I have used: Lega 4 Frame Reversible Electric Extractor for years, just works well and reliable. https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/products/extraction?keyword=&pageNum=1
  3. The weather has been beautiful - by brother and his wife, who last visited here from South Africa 30 years ago and nearly died of frost bite at this time of the year, had no cold or rain. We headed down to Milford Sound - perfect - the Curio Bay - perfect - stayed in Little Black Barn - perfect - and sent them off after 8 days. Had a little rain last night, and today opened 3 hives all stuffed with honey and with well developed brood nests for autumn/winter, and 5 boxes due to come off in the next few days. A good year thus far, seven more hives to check this weekend.
  4. Yesterday was hot and the bees were all over the Mexican Pepper tree (Schinus molle). Never seen that before.
  5. Really big piece of blu tack !
  6. The difference is so obvious that I suspect that you are being rather obtuse, nothing personal of course
  7. Twin strainer set stops big bits of wax and all bee parts but allows small wax (gives good mouth feel) and pollen through (gives great complex flavour), not heated and no pressure. Takes time.
  8. PS our honey is fantastic with lots of pollen in it as well
  9. My definition at brightwaterbees.co.nz sums it up - no heating no filtering only strained no creaming so we do it shortly after harvesting and pot it up within hours or a day probably not possible with commercials but ok with hobby size operation and just dropped for 45 to 15 hives but we live on our pensions
  10. Spot on, good common sense and you are being careful and gathering information rather than "being told what to do". And then making good decisions.
  11. Hmmm, this has a smell of trolling .....
  12. What do you do at Xmas when you are being harnessed in to Santa's sleigh, Rudolph ?
  13. The word thixotrophic explains this phenomenon, and you can make it liquid by stirring it, but that will introduce more bubbles !
  14. seems to work well for rosacea, a condition of many elderly folk with skin redness and thickening on nose and face https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/beauty/68129757/null and I have read some of his scientific articles which are quite convincing !
  15. Dr. Shaun Holt +64 29 200 1111 shaun@honeylab.co.nz has done a lot of work on it for skin disorders.
  16. Hives can get big like this .... Easy to handle 3/4 boxes, left hive would have 4 boxes of honey to come off @ about 15 Kg each, nice.
  17. If you want to really prevent swarms you need to be ahead of the game. Have the tools in your box (mind) and enough equipment to carry out include: giving more space taking off brood (nucs) splitting If you find swarm cells it is my opinion that you are wasting your time unless you do an artificial swarm - which is easy to do If bees have swarmed, get stuck in the prevent further swarms or you end up with a crippled hive. Swarming is not good bee keeping, if you pre-empt the process you end up with a strong hive or hives, which can bring in a crop and resist robbers and wasps. And if you have too many hives you can unit them, sell some or give some away. "Easy bee keeping" is the answer.
  18. Or just use all 3/4 boxes - and my hives are now 6 x 3/4 boxes high ! Make life easy for your self
  19. I think there are a few words missing after "to be trust as authentic" and i would be interested if honest and/or cynical people would like to suggest what they may be.
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