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  1. 3 hours ago, dansar said:

    Hi  @tudor could you please elaborate on the 12 week treatment period stated for Apivar?

    I believe that to to be a instruction deviation from the product description of 42 days. Although typically beekeepers in NZ would keep it in the hive for 6 weeks.




    Hi @dansar,

    I have a clear memory of 12 weeks being recommended on this forum.  Some internet searching reveals:  

    Issued: September 2017 AN: 00031/2017 SUMMARY OF PRODUCT ...


    "If brood is not present or at its lowest level, the strips can be removed after 6 weeks of treatment. If brood is present, leave the strips in place for 10 weeks and remove the strips at the end of treatment. "


    And recommendations vary from country to country.


    I would be grateful if others would check my "clear memory" and I will amend the 12 weeks to 10 weeks.

    thanks very much.

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  2. For tomorrow's meeting after lunch it will be fun to open 5 of my hives at home and make management decisions on the spot.  The reason is that in the last week I have found most hives in out apiaries really strong and requiring an extra box, probably getting to swarm in a couple of weeks.

    So please remember to bring your bee suit or veil.



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