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  1. I hope he has a copy of the game Bananagram, that would help him if he can find a moderately sober person to play with 😀
  2. It's not a pricker - the cells are already uncapped - and then the modified hair roller with its clever bobbles tickles (agitates) the honey which becomes runny and comes out in the spinner. "Rollers" that you can buy do nothing to help. I assure you, I have been there and done that. Commercial extraction will do the job for you, but as a hobby BK you will/may have trouble getting it done.
  3. Here we go again ! Its all about thixtrophism. We have discussed this before: https://www.nzbees.net/forums/topic/5290-small-honey-extractor-recomendation/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-80423 check my post on January 13 for a pic of the roller.
  4. I'm not quite sure why a local anaesthetic cream would be used rather than an antihistamine cream such as Anthisan (it contains mepyramine maleate) which works well for me if a big load of stings on a hand. Maybe just my ignorance.
  5. A great advantage living near Dunedin is a more effective system called opening the windows 😊
  6. Each season I look forward to the kanuka-rich honey which comes out just fine using the "tickler" technique I have posted above. And its easy to do ... And my family and honey clients look forward to this honey as it's unheated in any way, and keeps all it's flavour.
  7. Gee, "grumpy" is a euphemism ...
  8. I sometimes get a bit grumpy when people don't bother to read posts about hobby bee keeping approach and learn about the thixotrophic characteristic of kanuka honey. If the honey is agitated it changes from a gel to a liquid form and can be spun out, and over time becomes a gel again. And a half jar of gel honey won't flow, but will if stirred with a spoon - and demonstrates the principle of "tickling" I posted about. And I use a fruit press like the one described to get the honey out of the cappings if there are quite a lot.
  9. Its all about thixtrophism. We have discussed this before: https://www.nzbees.net/forums/topic/5290-small-honey-extractor-recomendation/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-80423 check my post on January 13 for a pic of the roller.
  10. Protected cell means the virgin emerges safely and she is usually much faster than the older, mated queen. I my experience this usually happens.
  11. Just re-queen with a protected queen cell and the virgin queen will be the assassin who kills the present queen for you. In 6 weeks all the bad tempered bees will have died of old age and your hive will be nice again.
  12. Just try Yellow Box honey from Euc melliodora https://www.honeytraveler.com/single-flower-honey/yellow-box-honey/ Very good honey, much more complex than NZ clover.
  13. Hi, We have three hives about a Km from you, opened them today and they are doing very well, capping lots of honey, and not a varroa to be seen on drone larvae in bridge comb. How long did you leave the Apivar strips in for spring treatment ? Your sugar shake varroa load indicates an urgent need for treatment. Regards
  14. Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzkxq7qGqxQ
  15. So, when Margot C gets a back injury from lifting 40 Kg boxes, she will receive ACC support but only if she is within NZ. It may be appropriate to point this out before she is injured, and get her to help with non-lifting activities or up to 20 Kg . https://www.securo.co.nz/articles/maximum-weight-lift-during-work What Are The Guidelines On The Maximum Weight You Should Attempt Lift? The maximum weight you can lift depends on: Your gender The distance of the load from your body The height of the load The following diagram depicts the guidelines:
  16. Hi, Why not have a look at this. Regards. https://www.nzbees.net/files/file/89-easy-bee-keeping-for-hobbyists-in-new-zealand/
  17. yes digitalis poisoned one toddler here who had to be admitted - a flower was given to him by his strange brother ! We removed all foxgloves, and now they are returning after 15 years. Lovely in the garden again, but new crop of grand kids is starting ...
  18. Lily of the Valley is very poisonous and causes cardiac problems,
  19. Sounds more a concern than a risk thanks again
  20. Thanks. It appears that they are very toxic ?
  21. Hi, Can someone please identify this shrub found in CHC a couple of weeks ago ? Plantsnap called it Rowan wilsoniana, but that is a tree. Thanks, Tudor.
  22. just stick with Hoffmans, Manleys defeat the principle of consistency across boxes and just cause annoyance later on
  23. Back to basics. The first step is to prevent the hive entering the "We are going to swarm" mode Then an intervention such as an Artificial Swarm if they are in swarming mode. Or they will swarm. Look up how to do it my "Easy Bee Keeping for Hobbyists in NZ".
  24. It really depends on the point of view. I have always been a hobby BK and used one size (3/4), don't use queen excluder, and freely use boxes anywhere which have had brood. Honey has lots of pollen in it, and is full of flavour, and lots of bits of wax especially if it contains kanuka - it needs "tickling" to get the honey out of the comb. And, obviously, no active brood in the cells when considered for extraction. It is strained and not filtered, and in high demand with people who like really tasty honey. But only a couple of hundred kg's per year, completely different view point!
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