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  1. tudor

    What is Raw honey in 2019

    any heating or pressure ?
  2. tudor

    What is Raw honey in 2019

    The difference is so obvious that I suspect that you are being rather obtuse, nothing personal of course
  3. tudor

    What is Raw honey in 2019

    Twin strainer set stops big bits of wax and all bee parts but allows small wax (gives good mouth feel) and pollen through (gives great complex flavour), not heated and no pressure. Takes time.
  4. tudor

    What is Raw honey in 2019

    PS our honey is fantastic with lots of pollen in it as well
  5. tudor

    What is Raw honey in 2019

    My definition at brightwaterbees.co.nz sums it up - no heating no filtering only strained no creaming so we do it shortly after harvesting and pot it up within hours or a day probably not possible with commercials but ok with hobby size operation and just dropped for 45 to 15 hives but we live on our pensions
  6. tudor

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    Do you use a smoker ?
  7. tudor

    Queen with a freckle

    Spot on, good common sense and you are being careful and gathering information rather than "being told what to do". And then making good decisions.
  8. tudor

    Autumn feeding strategy

    Hmmm, this has a smell of trolling .....
  9. tudor

    Kanuka honey !!

    What do you do at Xmas when you are being harnessed in to Santa's sleigh, Rudolph ?
  10. tudor

    Herbicide contamination

    Do your kids get fleas ?
  11. tudor

    Bees back at swarm site

    or smoke it heavily
  12. tudor

    Air bubbles in thixotropic Manuka

    The word thixotrophic explains this phenomenon, and you can make it liquid by stirring it, but that will introduce more bubbles !
  13. tudor

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    please count me in
  14. tudor

    Kanuka honey !!

    seems to work well for rosacea, a condition of many elderly folk with skin redness and thickening on nose and face https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/beauty/68129757/null and I have read some of his scientific articles which are quite convincing !
  15. tudor

    Kanuka honey !!

    Dr. Shaun Holt +64 29 200 1111 shaun@honeylab.co.nz has done a lot of work on it for skin disorders.