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  1. Hellebores, daffodils, echium, tree lucerne, and gorse.
  2. Thanks, Plant Snap named it as Clematis cirrhosa and that looks spot on, varieties are 'Freckles', 'Wisley Cream' and 'Jingle Bells' !
  3. This climber is still in flower in Dunedin in July, and a few days ago was covered with bees when they were out. Could it be a clematis, and I hope not Old Man's Beard. Thanks for help. Tudor.
  4. Prices: Hoveno 10g costs $27, https://www.lifepharmacy.co.nz/home/shop-by-category/health/medicines/mouth-treatments--cold-sores/nutra-life-lysine-1200mg-tablets-60s/ Zovirax cream 2g costs $19. https://shop.countdown.co.nz/shop/browse/health-wellness/medicine/cold-sore-remedy
  5. I would be surprised if the bee population in a healthy hive is diving because the bees should be winter bees by now. And they are expected to live for some months. It should be no problem if there is little or no brood, as the queen will start laying again quite soon.
  6. This sounds very biased and I think a rebuttal argument is needed to test the validity of many of the statements. .
  7. You might like Red Bush Tea from South Africa. Very good taste, no caffeine, and honey goes well with it.
  8. www.dave-cushman.net/bee/eke.html Rational Eke. Eke. A spacer that gives extra height in a hive. In beekeeping terms an "Eke" is simply a spacer that goes between, over or under hive parts to create extra space for a number of reasons. Ekes are very versatile and quite interesting bits of kit.
  9. Some people - and why the queen lays lower down when the bees store honey in the upper boxes. And the honey with some pollen in it is complex and delicious ... for hobby bee keepers.
  10. Mainly David Woodward and a few from Otto hyink
  11. You can see why using one size frames throughout (3/4) prevents the trouble you may be running into with a free range queen ...
  12. Hi use "thuringiensis" and the whole issue is found. Well, well, if OK for organic use then it must be OK for general use ?
  13. Certan, approved in many contries, is Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies aizawai, This one mentioned here is Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki which is the wrong one. This has been discussed a lot in the past and is not approved in NZ for wax moth. Look back to find the details.
  14. Yes, a good source of amusement was to go to the Blue pools on the Haast road and put on a good layer of DEET and walk in the few hundred meters to look into the pools and see the big trout cruising - and then watch the sand flies hold their fire until the tourists were as far as possible from their cars, and then give them both barrels ! And watch them trying to cross the swing bridge en masse. Ah, those were the days.
  15. Beautiful. I do love the way Mount Alfred sits tucked in at the top of the lake between the Dart and Rees rivers.
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