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  1. Thanks guys i now have enough thoughts and opinions to chase my tail around. And Dennis cheers for the very sound advice you posted, I like the way you think
  2. Hey team i appreciate the input, currently have been using an older Isuzu truck coupled with a single cab flat deck Ford Courier. The Courier just ticked over 200,000 kms and is still in good condition however just lacks power being an older 2.5 turbo. was thinking along the lines of a ranger, bt50, stx ect. i guess also looking to maximize hive carry capacity which is why i was thinking trailer too....
  3. Hey guys I run a small amount of hives ( 300) and looking for a new vehicle + trailor? combo. Whats the best bang for your buck and reliability? looking to buy second hand and wanting to do all the normal upgrades ie, suspension and potentially custom deck to get 5 hives wide. I do a mixture of pollination and manuka, so a i spend a bit of time on the road. Any opinions and pointers just fire away
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