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  1. Yes, @Goran, know both things you mention. My grandmother used to make the syrup with the young tips of spruce, layered with honey and we all got it when we had a cold. Except we kids liked it so much it often was gone before the cold season came along....The dandelion concoction was less common, it could also be made with honey instead of sugar, but nowhere near as nice....
  2. Hey, we don't have that problem of overheating epipen down here, every cloud got a silver lining....we keep one in the glove box, if it's a really hot summer I'll put it in a chilly bag, easy. Luckily haven't needed it, but like it's been mentioned, I did need that bike helmet to safe my head a few years back, I needed a life jacket once and a seat belt on a couple of occasions. I also have an insurance for lots of things, even so I feel like I waste my money every year. And I agree with the old wive tales, there's lots of misinformation out there about allergic reactions. There's a lot more
  3. Had a long day, but just reading this again, maybe we'll use both, the planer and pricker this season. Put one of my boys on the pricker and one can load, while I work the planer...that should speed things up. Never had any problems with the honey not being clean, I think the mesh on our filter is quite fine and the rotary action lets the wax pick up more wax, so it ends up being one big wax sausage at the end of the day.
  4. Hi @Goran, I believe there's some movable units in NZ, haven't seen one myself.
  5. That does sound like a dream, like the overhead pick up, big size warm room and same size cold storage room and then the packing straight into jars, awesome. Food for thought! Agree with your comments about warming room, rather important. We actually got two, both with heating tapes in the concrete floor, work a treat. Our bottleneck is the uncapping, but I'll stick with it for another season at least, but good to hear others ideas and set ups. We live quite remote and I don't get to see many other honey houses, so thanks for the detailed reply.
  6. No rata down here yet, but hoping for a good flowering year...
  7. No uncapper @tristan, all done by hand with an electric planer. Works very well, but tiring and too slow to feed 2 extractors. Thought of using 2 planers...but I fear mutiny with my unpaid helpers, i.e. kids... We do have a pricker, manual, but only use it on manuka. No extra cleaning needed after the rotary sieve, it's pretty clean honey because of the planer and the sieve does a fine job. Often wondered about a wax press, the spinner is getting rather old....You got me thinking so, no way I can improve it without extending the size of the room. Won't happen this season, but will pu
  8. So frustrating and damaging, financially and morally. I think naming and shaming would be justified, bear in mind that the offender probably doesn't feel any shame if he/she doesn't care anyway.
  9. I thought you could have a go with the queen you marked at lifting her by the wing, she'll be easy to find...and once you done it a few times it gets easy. Others might say lifting by the wing no good, but I had never any problems with it.
  10. Gee, now I know what wrong with my kids....they had no chance!!
  11. Funny story! I'd say she'll be fine, probably more than you by the sounds of it, she's only got a bit of paint to worry about, no swollen face or sore ankle! We use them little discs, but I do hate them, my preferred option is to pick the queen up gently by her wing and put the dot on, easy. No gloves, but quick and gentle and no mess. Maybe go back and give it a go on the big green thing in your hive once you're better....
  12. Yes, been there and done the contract extracting, @jamesc, lots of double handling and long transport for us. Sounds like you got a lot of what I would dream of and I suspect I'll keep dreaming for a while. I envy you for the uncapper, but we wouldn't have the room to put one in at the moment, but dreaming is free! We haven't even got a homogenising tank, but do have a forklift, great machine and gets used for lots of jobs around the place and the boys love driving it... Also quite happy with our weighing system, we push the drums on trolleys to a hoist, that lifts them onto scales, they get l
  13. I do like that comparison, well said!
  14. @john berry , you pretty much described what we run at the moment The hand plane does work very well and quickly but isn't kind on the tired old arms... Interesting to hear that you would go for them, maybe I should train my arm muscles and stick with it for a while longer yet. Also using an old wax spinner, after draining the cappings for a few hours in the baskets we uncap into. We run a 16 frame beetec extractor, box lifter and rotary sieve in a room that is probably 4mx6m. It has served us well but is quite labour intensive, though that is the nature of the job I guess You
  15. We currently run a very small and labour intensive honey house that we have been wanting to upgrade it for quite some seasons. At a minimum we would like to add an automatic uncapper to the system but more could change (including the size of the room itself!) So the question is what would your dream honey house look like if it was being rebuilt, say for around 500 - 600 hives? Thanks!
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