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  1. Thank you Otto, that's really useful to know, I think they're a pretty and useful weed then!
  2. Yes, there's pears, apples, walnuts, hazelnuts (which provide really good pollen), elderberries and maybe some more we haven't found yet. I have never seen bees on elderberries either and we're pretty far south. That's one of the pear trees there, it really is awesome.
  3. That's great info, thank you Maggie and John. Haven't seen one of them in our area before, it's a beautiful tree - and a beautiful site. Not sure when the orchard was planted, might ask the owners next time I'm there. We did have very good matings there!
  4. Thank you, just googled bay tree and it could be that. Flowers are a bit different, but might be one type of the bay trees, seems to be good for the bees. It's in an old orchard, a new but lovely site for us.
  5. Would anyone know what this tree is, please? The flowers have a strong scent and the hives smell of it too!
  6. There's no way I would have sniffed the packet, it honestly would have hurt! We were amazed by the grass burning off, made me appreciate wearing gloves...
  7. We trialed them last autumn, hoping they would replace a treatment, but they don't, which makes them double expensive. We're back to Bayvarol/Apivar and oxalic. I did initially like the quick result, good if you need to deal to a hive quickly.
  8. Pretty new to this forum, but have used the Miteaway strips last year, agree with yesbut, come to close and it will sting your eyes and throat. We also noticed that it burned off the grass right in front of the hives, must have been the vapour coming out of the entrances and had some queen failure with it. Might be a good way of getting rid of any dubious queens! It worked quick and hard, but needs a follow up a bit later on we found.
  9. That's why I thought I put it out there, you're not harsh, just saying what you think. I thought it interesting, that's all, and I'm not going to get extra stings to protect me from covid
  10. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0041010120302245?fbclid=IwAR3FAcfhMdIUErfNUlmPDZdp6mUeSFtNxR8KYE-FKc6fhEbS0ZNDqv0txaY Oops, this attachment might work!
  11. Just came across this by chance and thought I'd share it here, I'm not a scientist and other people might find it interesting. Bee venom and SARS-CoV-2.textClipping
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