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  1. This is classic. That honey may have a theoretical maximum growth to 15, but no buyers going to pay on that. It's pretty average honey so I'd have thought 30-40 dollars was realistic
  2. Marketing is an awesome thing. Bad marketing however can be very damaging to a product or industry. Puriti's hyperbolic nonsense turns intelligent consumers off.
  3. @Grant your site your rules. No joke though; Ive got a masters degree in law and I haven't said anything defamatory that would expose me or the site.
  4. There's nothing wrong with putting the Boot in when someone's gilding the lily
  5. I only retail one type of manuka honey, at a farmers market so its low hype . I'll dig up the mpi tests and post the results but yeah, it's at or above the standard. To be completely honest with you, at the time when mpi released the new standard I thought domestic honey was included too. Lol.
  6. It's simple, boot. I don't care what your opinion of me or my brand is.
  7. Cheers for the interest Fred but until you can show me how that's relevant to misleading claims by struggling honey startups I'll politely decline. However, as you can see from my profile pic, I assure you that I have nothing to hide. ???
  8. I keep my brand off the forum because pearls before swine and all that. A lot of people on here know what it is and if they want to out me I don't care, but it's nothing but a distraction on a thread about purity fakery. You definitely live in a post truth environment and will fail because of it. Marketing hacks are among my least favourite humans along with lawyers, used car salesmen and politicians.
  9. Can't tell from your comment if you already know my brand or not. If you do, and have beef with it, feel free to start a new topic and go for your life. Don't care one bit.
  10. Classic 'whataboutism'. I've trashed your boss's brand and made your claims look hollow so you're trying to distract. You have answered some questions, but completely failed to establish why your brand is premium.
  11. There ain't no 100mgo honey out there that's pure manuka. Clever use of a comma.
  12. Boot. I produce manuka honey. I've posted the test results of some of it on this forum. I'd wager its better than puriti's. Do your homework. Brand name is not relevant.
  13. Geez you take a long time to say nothing Boot.
  14. Hey Phil. I agree, we should all be having a laugh about puriti's ridiculous claims ???
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