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  1. I had the same problem because my hives had some manuka & kanuka in them but solved it by scraping foundation (plastic frames) clear of cells and honey, then pressing it in a honey press I hired from my club (Auckland Beekeeping Club). I had the bulk honey in a 20ltr pail for about 4 days and when I was ready to bottle it, it had started to solidify at the sides. I used a hairdryer to warm the sides of the pail, then stirred the thick into the runny. It was then easy to fill the containers.
  2. Corban, I have just joined the Forum and saw your 2018 question. Did you get an answer? I have two hives with Hive Doctor bases and I fitted robbing screens to the front of the brood box on each hive. This transferred the entries to the top of the screens - about 220mm above the entrances in the bases. They are working well and I'll leave them on all year round. I also placed two troughs in front of the hives. These are planted with Thyme which the bees seem to love. They also hide the screens to a degree.
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