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  1. Haha, yes I had one of those but it John McEroe'd itself at the end of a savage forehand and broke at the end of the handle! Thanks anyway. Thanks, I'll look into when to do that. In 2010, Ansel Payne, Dustin Schildroth and Philip Starks published some interesting findings and results for Tufts University regarding nest site selection for the Wool Carder and it seems that bamboo would probably attract these bees as a nesting site. Cheers.
  2. Hi. Thanks for the reply. No, these definitely Wool Carders and the males have injured a number of honey bees as I've watched. We've had them around for 3 years now but the numbers have increased this season and the level of agression seems to have ramped up as well for whatever reason. Having read a little about them, it looks as if they're here to stay but I'll still seek a means of limiting their numbers as it appears to me that one aggressive male Wool Carder can disrupt the pollination process of a lot of honey bees. So far a fly swat has proven to be pretty effective but It's fairly labor intensive! Thanks again for the reply.
  3. Hello. Brand new here but wanted to know if anyone has had success in trap nesting and disposing of Wool Carder bees. They are busy dismembering the honey bees in our garden and I'd love to hear any tips for constructing effective trap nests for them so I can eliminate as many of them as possible. I'm sure the beekeeper who has hives nearby would fully back my campaign against these destructive little #######s. Cheers.
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