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  1. Thanks @yesbut Will check the one that the kids have
  2. You can also store maqs in the freezer to extend expiry date if you can't use all 25 before may 17th
  3. Why does the neighbour give the swarms back? he would be better off calling a beekeeper from further away or risk having more hives next door
  4. Is this app private or available on android? Thanks. Just private at the moment, need to iron out a few kinks.
  5. I'm using an app that the missus made for me, it records all sorts of information for each hive inspection, date, time, weather, hive conditions, stores, diseases, feed requirements, varoa controls, I put my phone in a plastic bag and us the scan function on barcodes mostly, it all uploads when i get back in cell range. it is still under development, and unfortunately not priority for her so I just have to live with the glitches for now. :oops: for the highly skilled missus - yes for the farmer / hobby beekeeper with fat fingers - no
  6. Shouldn't do, you should do an afb check before you remove anything from the hive. hopefully you will have someone to help by then. If it is after Xmas I could be tempted to a roadtrip seeing as how you have good rivers down there
  7. The barcodes could be doing any number of things. From simple track and trace of honey boxes to hive inspections records that feed to an app. My partner sells them and in her spare time is building me an app for hive monitoring. She doesn't have much spare time so it is taking a while. I tested the barcode scanner on my phone and it still works from inside a plastic bag.
  8. For us, it is because beekeeper a has been there for generations and they are good blokes. I've got other places to put my own bees well away from there's I can understand why other land owners might prefer beekeeper B
  9. Try farmers markets too, those stall holders love to talk & would probably love to have some bees to pollinate their crops
  10. You don't, they are very poor graphs. I looked at them and couldn't decipher so I gave up. Probably won't bother with the survey this year.
  11. Got that too but only just read it now. I wonder if they look at it on a regional basis? To see if there are any local issues,
  12. I've got sheep tidying up round my hives. They do a great job.
  13. Too right, I'd be upset if my cattle were deliberately poisoned and expect some police action but I would hope the headline would read "What killed 20 cattle?" rather than "what killed $15000 worth of cattle?"
  14. Is it bugging anybody else that this story quantifies bees as a dollar value rather than number of bees or colonies?
  15. Give me a call in spring. I'll be splitting hives. My bees out leeston way are going much better than my home hives
  16. Not negative at all @frazzledfozzle . You have an opposing view to something. It depends on whether that something is positive or not, I always value your opinion and thoughts on bee matters.
  17. There is a north Canterbury club too. Christchurch is a hike from rangiora. Winter is a great time to make your hive ready for when you get bees. Make a couple. A backup hive is recommended. Remember to register your bees when you get them. Have fun - it is a great hobby
  18. It says very little about oxalic acid vapourisers.
  19. Whew, very unlikely to be my bees down in town then :-)
  20. Hi @glynn Following with interest, I'll be looking at the same thing in the next year or so with the same local council, looking forward to hearing how you go :-) On the plus side, our local council seems real easy to deal with, helpful and friendly
  21. Thanks Chris, I only ask cause I sometimes hear about swarms in rolleston which is about 5 km from my apairy and I always wonder if they are my bees. I've seen a couple of swarms from my tractor but it is really hard to follow them without mucking up my job
  22. Anyone know how far a swarm will travel after leaving a parent hive? I know some will just jump a fence and set up camp at the neighbours, but what would the maximum distance it would travel?
  23. Hi Phil, Hope you have lots of enjoyment with bees. I'd recommend reading practical beekeeping in new Zealand. Putting together some gear ( hive tool, suit, smoker, hive ware etc) and if you can get some bees then go for it. Having a retiree handy is awesome, just remember that things change in the industry so depending on how long ago he was beekeeping you may need to be careful with things like varoa management. You will need to register with assure quality once you get bees. It can be done online Happy beekeeping
  24. Anyone know if vapouriser is safe to use while honey supers are on?
  25. Do them both if you can. Both great opportunities to learn about bees and meet other beekeepers
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