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  1. Yep they can mix. There are multiple methods of blending a high oil content food with honey.
  2. Why not? Humans mix flavours and ingredients all the types. If it opens up new channels and appeals to a new audience, or expands and existing one, then we have another vehicle for our wonderful NZ clover.
  3. Agreed - No point having a minimum at less that it will sell for.
  4. Just trying to drive volume and value in the clover market. Anything that encourages new consumers to try honey of find alternative uses for honey is good with me. They can get away with 'Active" because it was packed in Australia.
  5. None - there is no volume market at $8
  6. Most likely. this will be part of a normal promotional activity agreed with brands in advance. So many weeks at normal price followed by so many weeks at agreed discount. The Supplier wears the cost generally. Very similar happens with our major 2 supermarket chains here in NZ.
  7. I keep in touch with him. He was over in NZ last quarter of 2019. I cannot agree with that comment. The moment you take that route value is lost from every independent brand regardless of the extra value added that the brand producer brings to the product. Manuka and other honey florals can and are altered in many ways prior to export. Flavours are added, Nutritional ingredients or Vitamins are added. Product is turned into powder or crystals or lozenges or lollies. Honey is also packed in multiple different ways for different markets and different channels within global regions. Sachets, Bags, Jars, Tubes, Squeezey bottles, Plastic jars, glass jars , pails etc If you pick a Kiwi fruit, pack it exported unpack it and then put it on the shelf in a UK supermarket, I can't really see where much value was added on the journey to the consumer?
  8. I have Kamahi, Rata, Honey Dew, clover and Rewarewa in our range in different brands at different prices points and not much excitement for little more than cost. Have just added chocolate (clover and Cocoa + natural flavours) to the Mount Somers range and online sales jumped 900%
  9. NZ bulk clover is actually competing with all other basic honey imported from around the world. Take a look at those prices (Duty Paid)? Then look at where the honey is being used as an ingredient or a retail product? Then check retail prices for jars or Squeezy of Non Manuka per 100g in store? Who are you aiming NZ clover at? Why should they pay a premium?
  10. Assume we are talking about 'Faux Manuka Honey' Jelly bush or Kallara ? Only New Zealand produces Manuka Honey.
  11. Ever the optimist, I will remain thinking the glass is half full for the timebeing. It never fails to astound me the resilience of people in crisis and I am sure this situation will not differ. Whatever people may think of China, they are coming back to work, they are almost 100% returned. Chines trade is bouncing back. Borders may be locked down for 16 months (who knows) but I doubt very much self isolation will last anywhere near that period. Certain sectors will obviously be effected for a long time, while borders remain closed for personel travel but also many businesses will bounce back as soon as domestic freedom of movement returns. Also you do not have to vaccinate the whole world at the same time, but you do have to vaccinate any one that travels and people at risk (elderly, underlying illness). I am sure this will be planned and methodical.
  12. Not sure where you are getting your numbers from. In the last two months we have seen very a significant increase in demand through Germany with similar in other western EU economies. It remains a very competitive environment but IMO we have price stability.
  13. Are you talking about Manuka or Non Manuka honey?
  14. Obviously, I along with everyone else is following daily developments and changes very closely. The Manuka market should not be your main concern. Any softening in the bulk price will be a reflection of harvest strength and volume. The demand has increased dramatically in all major international markets. If anything Covid19 has put Manuka firmly on the map as a natural self help choice. We receive daily and twice daily distribution updates from major freight operators and while borders may be closed to people, they are definitely not closed to freight and in particular food. Companies with an over exposure to China will have felt a significant impact initially, as the banking sector closed and payments were not being made. Freight though continues to flow and the China business resumes with improved functionality each day. The local market is the most depressed as this time of year would normally see peak purchasing of Manuka Honey through the travel retail sector. This is obviously non existent this year. We not only produce our own brands but many of the biggest selling international brands and retailer owned brands. Demand for Manuka Honey across the international markets and brands that we have visibility of remains very strong.
  15. There is a big market but the product has to be at world pricing. Online sales are significantly up. Obviously I can only speak for our brands.
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