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  1. Whoops, haven't been here for a few days. [USER=3755]@Daniel Hobman[/USER] as Trev said, they're the double tough nitrile ones. Longer cuff on them and thicker than normal ones. They won't stop all stings but they do seem to stop some at least. I mostly wear them so I don't get covered in propolis, and on a job like this it stops the honey too.

  2. [USER=2876]@Queen Bee[/USER] - if you're planning on cutting them down, be careful where you put nails/screws - you don't want those going through the saw. Not so bad if it's screws because you can remove them, but any extra holes is just another chance for moisture to get into the wood.

  3. The worst I've had is about 2mm out. Like Aquila, I assemble all of mine so the top of the box is flat, and then run through the table saw if I'm doing a heap, or plane if only a few. If they're as far out as in the photo, and they're undersized I'd be inclined to return them.

  4. [USER=2899]@Nicholas[/USER] there is plenty of pollen out there, as evidenced by the amount they're bringing in when the weather is fine, but I don't care where your hive is, if the bees can't get out to collect pollen and they're raising brood, then they'll go short. Why do you say icing sugar is bad? The sugar itself is no different from white sugar, and the tapioca in that one doesn't gum the bees up like the cornstarch variety does.

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