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  1. Nice picture ! Thanks for the offer and contact Phil. I have sent you a message on Facebook.
  2. Hi again, Thanks for the answers. I can lift up 40kg boxes for one day but I am not sure my back want to commit to do it for a month... So thanks for the offer Alastair, but I will decline it. Philbee, if you have less heavy work to do in February or March or heavy work that can be shared, I would be happy come to help and to hear more details about your research trials ! How can I join you outside of this forum ? Cheers, Margot
  3. Hi there, Thanks for your answers and happy new year ! Grant, I have filled out the online form to get a tourist visa which allows me to stay for 3 months ; also I will be sailing and cycling during my trip to New Zealand, so I think it's fine for me to do one month of beekeeping as long as I am not getting any salary. But I can also check the working holiday visa modalities. James, thanks for your offer but for now I am planning to stay in the north island ; if I change my mind I will contact you to come to visit your apiary. Philbee,
  4. Hi Grant, I didn't picture this as working but more as sharing experience. So I haven't applied for a working holiday visa... But I guess I still could if the beekeeper who welcome me wants me to have one. Cheers ! Margot
  5. Hi there, I am a vet working at the bee disease surveillance network in New Caledonia and I am coming to the North island of New Zealand in February. I am keen on working for one month in a beekeeping operation to discover different beekeeping practices ! I am not an experienced beekeeper as in my work I focus mainly on the sanitary aspect of beekeeping (I only have one hive in my garden, so I am examining hives belonging to other beekeepers or to our network of sentinel hives more often than mine), but I am eager to get hands on and gain some more practical experience !
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