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  1. Ah after a bit of googling, that makes sense. I'll give that a go! Thanks for the help
  2. Sorry, what does under super mean? You mean my actual honey supers go below the broodbox, with my winter super on top of the brood?
  3. Hi, I'm a new beekeeper (1 year or so). My hives (All FD Frames) have gone into winter with 1 'Store' super and 1 Brood box, and come out of winter into spring where I treated the brood only for Varroa. The Varroa treatment says you shoukd not take honey from a hive which has had the treatment in - which is fine. The treatment has long been removed now. However, now that my hives are building up, I still have this winter store super on - What should I do with it? It's ~95% full, and I'd like to put new Honey Supers on as the hive is essentially full. Will the previous Varroa treatment cause any issues? Should I remove it, keep it in storage until next Winter? Keep it on? Something else? Currently the Hive is doing well in terms of growth, and honey supply in the brood box - this question is more about my own personal honey collection. Thanks!
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