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  1. Hi Team, my name is Jess, I'm 33 and live in Auckland city. I'm a gardener by trade but have an extensive varied professional history. I love NZ and the land, the plants, the soil etc, and am seriously looking into producing honey and marketing internationally in small scale to start, but with big dreams! I am very down to earth, reliable and I gain trust easily. I think I can really sell something I believe in, and want to prove myself by getting into this market. I have always been passionate about bees and honey, and don't want to wait any longer to take the first step into this venture. Does anyone have advice on how to start, how to get in touch with potential business partners? At this stage I am looking for a beekeeper who is making the product and is interested in partnering up with someone who can do all the marketing, advertising, client relations and sales etc. This is my first attempt at reaching out so apologies if I seem naive, trust me I have the energy and passion to make this work! Many thanks in advance. Jess
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