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  1. I checked on the above hive in question today, have reported on it in another thread here...
  2. My findings so far are that the bees are happy to have brood up to the strips, but most often there is nothing behind them. But this also happens with synthetics, and my conclusion is that they can't get access in behind them. I had one strip where there was brood on 1 of the frames against it, but not on the other frame, which makes me wonder if it's not the strip (acid) that stops the brood being laid in there, but getting access when the strips is against the face of the comb?
  3. Hi Renee, I am still experimenting with how often to use the treatment, it is still early days for me. I think I will just regularly test, and once I start getting a few mites showing up, treat. As you will see from my post below, I had some in a hive over winter. They have zero mites, so I will leave them without strips now and keep an eye on levels. I have other hives that have had nothing in over winter, so will be interesting to see how they are going when I can check them. They will no doubt need strips to go in. The shelf life is a good question. I made up 60 strips in April?
  4. I've just been back into the lone hive i keep here in central Auckland. I put OAG strips in in May, as the brood had shifted off the Apistan I'd put in March (I don't want to continue using Apistan, but was using up the last few strips I owned), and there was a few signs of varroa (some DWV). Today, this hive is going really well, 2 x FD boxes of bees, and the Queen laying happily. Attached is a pic of the strips I took out. I'd poked my nose in about a month ago on a nice day, and removed 1 strip which was off the brood. The pic is of the other 4. They are much more chewed now than a month ag
  5. Richard was telling me that the first scientific analysis is set to be submitted to a scientific journal in the coming month (it takes a while for a journal to review the paper; and they intend to submit additional papers in the future), and then they want to write more communications that are targeted at beekeepers in practical terms. So hopefully we will see the analysis soon.
  6. A recent clip about the Bee Pathogen Programme that recently aired on Rural Delivery.
  7. @jamesc I went into the hive today where they had moved off the Apistan during it's course. Strong hive, but saw a few bees with DWV, so didn't even test, in with the OA strips. Will check/count in a month or so. Will test other 2 tomorrow.
  8. I'm wondering whether any beekeepers put Oxalic strips in their hives over winter? I had Apistan in my 3 hives over Autumn (using up the last of my strips before hoping to moved permanently to Ox strips), took them out mid/late April (8-9 weeks in the hive). One hive had moved the brood off the strips (migrated into the top box) but the mite count was only 1. Other 2 still had strips in the brood, with no mites in sugar shake. I like the idea of keeping totally on top of the mites over winter, but with the bees doing very little/clustering over winter, I'm worried having Ox strips in their clu
  9. This is near to the Orakei Basin in Auckland, covered in bees today.
  10. Hi Alastair, I'm working on a principle of 20grams Oxalic per brood box ie, if I have a strong hive with 2 boxes of brood, say 6 frames in each, I would use 12 strips (40g). What amount are most ppl using now? Hi CHCHPaul, one thing i forgot to mention is that I put some staples across the top of the strip - you'll see them in pic 6. This seems to help protect them from chewing it around the toothpick and it falling down. How long they last totally seems to depend on the hive, some seem to chew them more than others. I'm currently still doing an Apistan treatment once a yea
  11. With very little else to do for at least 4 weeks, I thought I might document my system for creating OG strips. I haven't read on the topic since last year, I hope what i do isn't out of date? But they have worked very successfully for me. I have created this method as a small hobbyist, which I hope that other beekeepers with only a few hives can get their head around and follow. I've taken some pics to help with the process. Firstly, i have my own crappy old sewing machine, pretty important. I use Proform Gib tape from Bunnings, 2 1/16 wide, $7 odd. There's lots of little tips that go along wi
  12. I've got a hive here in Remuera that is blazing along. I put a 3rd FD super, undrawn plastic frames on in late Nov, checked it on 4th Dec, almost full, put on a 3/4 super 7th Dec (undrawn plastic frames again), and a couple of days ago it was filling up fast. With all the pohutukawas now coming into blossom, things seem to be going well. Hopefully no wet, windy storms will come along and put a stop to things...
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