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  1. The two hives are going well. @CHCHPaul CHCHPauls queeen is settling well. Warm day saturday so bearding on both hives .. all through the night and still some today - tuesday - even after two cooler days. Normal activity both hives and the latest check for swarm and supercedure cells found none. The extra space is working. Watching the new hive its gone from a few bees to busy so i think the extra frames have hatched. A good start.
  2. Tree nursery. No spray. We do have kids in the community garden ... but bees are well back in a fenced area.
  3. Yup. A friend in sheffield has caught a swarm he doesnt want and .... my wife has given me permission to start hive 4. Two birds, caught with one stone.
  4. Hive number one made it through winter in fine fettle. Its in my suburban back yard in Chch. Two boxes heaving with honey and brood. Was worried about being honey bound and @CHCHPaul confirmed my thought its time for box three over a queen excluder. Found supercedure cells so have been in a couple of times and last check there were no supercedure cells. Also took out frames of brood and dropped them in with a nuc into hive number two i just started. Plus honey. Ive freed about 5 frames in the brood boxes to make space. Hive number two started: its a flow hive i purchased yea
  5. Hi @CHCHPaul Yuo. I had left the honey on in a third box so i think youre right about the space and moisture. I have one full frame of honey in storage if they need feeding and the plastic top feeder if i have to suppliment. The girls get visited a lot. Always sweeping away dead bees. Getting good at spotting the change in flight and sounds. When youre ready will buy that nuc off you. There is a lot of keeness at the cimmunity garden to have a hive. Got a nice spot all worked out. All day sun and dry. Take care. Shane
  6. Australians all let us rejoice... ...golden soil and wealth for toil Our home is girthed by sea .....eeerrr honey?
  7. Thought i had lost the hive today. A bad moment but all is good. There has been a lot of robbing, dead bees, weaving flights, bees looking at cracks etc and different coloured bees. I was due to remove strips and one box had come apart so decided to get into it today. Taking the top mat off .. lots of mould and moisture. Cleaned it with hot water and a rag. Removed top box to put aside ... lots of bees. Went through bottom box, removed strips and checked. Plenty of bees, nectar, capped honey but zero brood. Put new top bo
  8. Hi, Its been a while - Covid 19 had me super busy (working in a food bank) and then trying to get back on my feet with the community centre I work with opening up. We also used it as a time to teach people to extract honey from frames by hand. Crush and strain - then boil down the wax. I tried making meed with the rinsing water. It was too cold so got honey vinegar - but that's still quite nice. I had requeened (thanks @ChchPaul )and things seem better. I also did a round of apivar a while back - and need to remove the strips but the rain is likely to make the gir
  9. It turns out I not only suck at Where's Wally (my kids beat me every time) but that it also extends to 'Find That Queen'. How is it that I have heard so many disaster stories of people killing their queen but when you want to find her she is as elusive as truthfulness at an impeachment hearing. Having decided the hive is aggressive, and having @CHCHPaul help me source a calm queen (thanks -for that and the advice - really appreciated) I ventured out to find and replace my current queen. So I donned my bee suit, gumboots, my new leather gloves, put on a hat to keep the
  10. Well it's been a while so heres a progress update. 1. I'm pretty sure my bees are aggressive with the new queen. They lift off and ping my face net when I go near after even the top box is off. Running a hand over the top gets them stirred up and investigating. I'm now wearing gloves .. gardening gloves have material strips .. which bees exploit so now I've got proper leather gloves. Also gum boots. The little beggars can find that gap where a suit rides up even with boots and thick socks. Gumboots are excellent ankle protectors. In exploring if it's me or the bees I
  11. I've got to give a thumbs up to Ekrotek - if it is the same lady who (wo)mans the store - have found her to be helpful with advice - and encouragement. how are the hives going?
  12. White flowered - thats manuka isn't it? No - jsut checked and I'm wrong - Kanuka can be white too ... Ma (Maori) - White - but its not the case However the bushes we saw had dense white flowers - where as I understand Kanuka is more sparse - not as clumped. It looked like the bushes had light greyish snow all over them. Like the photo below. Up near View Hill / Oxford Forest I see there is a big bee farm - 2,500,000 bees according to the gate sign. They were flying over 1km away at the view hill car park and
  13. The weather in Chch got slightly cooler last week....not by much but a little. I opened my back door one morning to find about 100 to 150 bees all around it. Most were clumped around an outside light we keep on for my son who lives in a sleep out. They stayed there until the sun started to reach the back door then flew off one by one. An unexpected welcome to the day. We were in Arthur's Pass Park last week. Lots of manuka blooming. All through Cragieburn and Oxford as well. Bee keepers near lake Pearson area moving hives so they are busy. In Oxford forest l
  14. We made a salve with bees wax and olive oil. Add in infused oil or essentials as required. Tea tree for grapes etc. Tried a cocoa butter and coconut butter and olive oil lotion mix. Slightly grainy but rubs in well. Hyper alkeginic wife loves it ... except for the way my head swings around and 'mmmm chocolate ' comments follow her .
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