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  1. I will not enter into my political thoughts on this forum. Let's just say, I am almost 70 years old and have a little experience. I do not believe that our politicians are corrupt like others in some countries, however, I do believe they bow to lobbying and political pressure. End of the politics.
  2. Boy, that is a very generalized statement that does not hold to much truth.
  3. That may be part of the problem. Ants love the warmth of Polystyrene. It keeps them nice and warm and no draughts.
  4. You can put them in a closed up vehicle on a hot day. Make sure the windows are closed or you might have a couple of visitor arrive.
  5. I will certainly post some photos next season with the bees on them. (if they flower for me) The largest are about 1.5 m tall.
  6. Yes, I noticed that teresa's stencils were sprayed onto your hives. Well done with putting on your big girls cloths and taking my heavy had in the manner it was intended. Keep asking the questions and you will still get plenty of help. Being a non nubie now, does not mean the help disappears. It has been a fun journey of the last five years.
  7. Very well in the end. I did not think it was going to germinated. Then i found i had hundreds of seedlings. I transferred them into the areas that i wanted them and more than enough grew. None flowered this season, but I expect a large flowering for next season. As a side issue I found that nothing likes to grow under them. So great weed control. I thought I had sent you a message way back when I did the transplants. Sorry if I forgot. Old age.
  8. So I have finally scared you into a good habit. Fantastic. Keep it up or I will have to send you to the naughty corner.
  9. Here is my wiring video if this helps
  10. Yes. They are available but not as a standard commercial item. You really need to make your own check out my video.
  11. Well done. Life is a lot easier with 3/4 boxes (or at least 1 size box)
  12. Wonderful. The hives look great. I am sure the warning will wash off pretty quick. We/I am always here to answer questions as best I can. Keep safe and keep warm . PS. Get rid of those last F/D boxes, then everything is the same and swapping stuff is easier.
  13. Strange as it seems, I can understand that. Sometimes the information is only worth what you pay for it.
  14. Not sure if it is flat. Looks like it, or close too it. Now it becomes and access thing. Does the lift go all the way to the roof etc. Several years ago, when I worked for palmerston North city Council, I thought is would be a great idea to put hives on top of the council building. Getting permission was easy, However, access to the roof was by ladder only. There is no way that i was going to try and carry a 30 kg box of bees or honey up or down a ladder. Sadly, that was the end of the project.
  15. That is effective against snails and slugs. It is not effective against ants. There are lots of ant deterrents. As #yesbut has said. Fresh green grass under the lid. Cinnamon, Nutmegs lavender essential oils. and probably a lot of others. Ants are not a problem unless they are argentine ants
  16. It's free, so download it more times if needed.
  17. 100%. Do not leave the QE on, as the bees can move up to the honey box and leave the queen behind. Are you running all 3/4 boxes now. That is because you have not made a donation to NZ bees. Which is fine, but you do not get messaging access.
  18. I missed the bit about the hive matt with holes. No I don't think this is a good idea. The honey itself is a good insulator and I would just remove the hive mat. Put it on top of the honey box. Let the bees go up into the the honey and move the brood up as they want. In the spring the bees will all be in the top box and the bottom box will be empty. Remove the empty box of old frames and put a new box of either clean drawn frames or foundation on top. Recycle the old frames as per normal. (Make them new again.)
  19. Or buy up several small businesses and join them together to become a large business.
  20. Welcome to the forum @Toby Clark. Best wishes with you petition. First you b=need to find out if the roof of the beehive is suitable for one or more. Such as Access to the roof, A suitable flat area to put the hives, and getting past the security system of the main beehive itself. Security is pretty tight down there.
  21. What fancy white lump on the side of the wax. If you mean the round thing in the second photo, then it is the access hole into the syrup feeder. There is 2 of them.
  22. That is a pretty big coverage for a label. EU and the country would be a lot better. That is sure open to rout.
  23. I agree. Looks great in the back yard and on the videos. I am not sure I would want to drag it around a bee yard. Also, look at the space it would take on your vehicle.
  24. Or someone who spends a lot of money on bees and thinks they will make a profit. I understand your sentiments. But pretty much everyone in NZ would be hobbyist, by your definition.
  25. Bayvarol and Apistan are the same product by 2 different companies. Apivar and Apitraz is another product by 2 companies. It is best to rotate these 2 products. Have you done a varroa count (sugar shake) on any of the hives. The hives that you took the treatment out in February could be struggling soon. I would put Apivar or apitraz in those hives. Then in about September I would put in Bayvarol or Apistan. Hope that helps.
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