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  1. Well, put it this way. I am not silly enough to pay over $100/month/drum for RMP storage.
  2. Well thought out as usual @ChrisM
  3. Well said @Alastair. That is also why I cannot support NZ Beekeeping Inc. Unfortunately, anything that AFBPMP do is seen as ApiNZ and therefore get's the big stick treatment. Also too many old buddy buddy actions.
  4. Sad news. Where are you off to. Still teaching I presume. Best wishes with your new adventure.
  5. No. Just a big flat sheet with 10 holes in it. If you were lucky they had toilet sets on them and rain covers for the toilet paper. I was a volunteer. I missed out on the conscription ballot, but joined anyway. 1971
  6. Then you were never in the military. We had 10 person long drops. We called them Thunderboxes.
  7. We have had the photo of @Daley in the bikini suit working her bees some long time ago.
  8. If you believe it @JohnF then that is fine. Simple numbers for me. 11 x 0 = 0. Only 1 active case in all of NZ. There is a 99.99% recovery rate in NZ. 22 deaths from 1500 case. Really fairly simple number.
  9. If you are getting someone else to extract and pot up your honey you do not need a NP1. You may need a local council permit to sell at a Farmers market or such. Or that is my understanding.
  10. This is my preferred suit. It is still going strong but I have replace the veil a couple of times. I usually burn them when I blow into the smoker and forget I am wearing the veil. Unfortunately they don't make this one any more. It is still my favourite. This is the replacement one. The quality is better than the yellow one but it is also a bit heavier. It is still 2 layers. The premium ventilated is 3 layers. All Ecrotek suits take the same hood/veil. Which makes things nice and tidy. I only buy suits fr
  11. May is all done and dusted. No new cases of covid 19 for last 9 days, and only 1 active case. I ask. Why are we still in lock down? I agree that the initial lock down was needed but it came 2 weeks too late. The lock down is going on now just as a pure exercise in mind control. Happy winter holidays (from the bees) everyone.
  12. Samsung phones have this feature now and have had it for a long time. Fantastic.
  13. Up until an hour ago @jamesc did not know either. But a good session with the Dr after a day with the bees will make anyone an expert on anything.. LOL
  14. These are not trees in deciduous mode. Branches are rotting off and many of them are starting to fall overs. It is more than winter shedding mode. These trees appear to be 2 or 3 years dead. There are some live ones amoungst them.
  15. My wife and I have taken a bit of time out and have travelled to Napier and then on to Gisborne and then to Tolaga Bay. (let's have no Covid discussion here). We noticed from just outside Napier and all the way to Tolaga Bay there are many patches of dead willow and poplar trees. These have not been sprayed as there are other trees in these dead zones that are still alive. I noticed that many of the dead trees have black mould on the trees, however, not all the dead trees have the black mould. I was wondering if this could be as a result of Giant Willow Aphids (GWA).
  16. By the look of that stag, you are not planning on many to be there for a feed. It looks a bit on the thin side.
  17. Sorry Tommy I did not see that on the survey. Your good. My bad.
  18. Based on what are you calling it snake oil. Please point to your proof of statement. Making accusations is not acceptable.
  19. OK. Then talk to an electronics person. Someone who is involved with CCTV (security cameras and systems) They have that sort of system in all their systems.
  20. Then you need to talk to a competent Electrician. It might cost, however, it is a 1 off cost.
  21. Sure. There is nothing to stop anyone from posting in the thread.
  22. Agree with @Mummzie and @Stoney It is sad that the OAG thread died. However, that is what does happen with some of the long running aspects of our life. Where is @Alastair
  23. Yes. They are horrible critters. They are not in Manawatu but are in Horewhenua.
  24. Yes. It is the moisture they don't like. Grass is just the carrier. Interesting about the Darwin ants. Thanks
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