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  1. Maybe they like to do it standing up
  2. I see with the legs that you have only made a flat joint without rebating. This will come loose even if you have gorrilla glued the joint. I suggest that you put in some braces at the bottom as the hive will become unstable within about 12 months or so. Easier to fix now rather than when the bees are in the hive.
  3. If you join the club you will probably find a lot of equipment is avail from the club for loan or hire. As I said lots of benefits. I have a visitor from England who helps me and I supply everything except him, his knowledge and company. Works for both of us.
  4. When it is not fun it is time to give it up. I am sure the girls will be happy either way. I will stick with my langstroth hives
  5. Thanks for that. Well answered questions. This is a fasinating forum with all sorts of pearls of wisdom coming out. This is right up on the top shelf. I am going to use this method
  6. So this can be used while the honey box is on. Boy, that puts it ahead of other treatments.
  7. Question: 1. Do you seal the bees in or just shut down the opening. 2. I use hive doctor floors. Would I need to put a sheet of something over the floor to stop the fumes leaking out. 3 Would it be an ideal treatment for swarms.
  8. What is the advantage of a Warre hive over standard Langstroth hive.
  9. You will be surprised when you start telling people you are going to start beekeeping as to how many offers of "Please put a hive in my yard" you get. The big problem is not getting too many hives.
  10. I suggest you join the club now. You will then have a chance to do some network building and also find out who sells bees etc. Also you may be able to become someone assistant so can get you head inside a few hives before yours arrive. The small few $$$ will be well worth the money. Manawatu Bee Club only cost $25.00 per year as an example.
  11. Palmerston North bylaws have just been changed to allow 1 hive on 500sq m without a permit. If you want more you need to get a permit (no cost). No other requirements. I say. Go for it bit put it beside some tall stuff so that the bees have to fly high to get out of your property. This will stop the bees annoying the close neighbors.
  12. You are correct. Humbleness is not your virtue. Arrogance and obnoxiousness is. It must be a ball of fun being one of your grandchildren trying to have a discussion with you. (NOT)
  13. Another method is to just give both boxes a fairly heavy squirt of sugar water, I don't even bother with the newspaper. By the time the bees sort out all the sugar water in the hive , they are all united and the job is done. I am sure the commercials don't bother with newspaper when they equalise a hive. When you have a look later there will not be very many dead bees outside the hive and I put them down to just normal hive inspection damamge. maybe 10 dead bees.
  14. I agree phill-K If you do not listen to everyone, how are you ever going to find the correct answer. And YES, NZ is different as is every other country in the world.
  15. Hi Roger. It is still worth getting an old frying pan and doing it with a paint roller. It is surprising how long it takes with a paint brush.
  16. The trouble with opinions is that we all have one. If the only opinions that works, comes from only one person we will mostly be worng. If we do not question every opinion we we never get to a final solution. If OA was the final answer then why is Varroa still alive and healthy in other parts of the world. Maybe one of those hobby beekeepers with only a few hives will stumble onto a solution, Who knows. Remember the world was flat until Marco Polo sailed off the edge. However, we must all listen to everyones opinion and keep the pot well stirred and hope that the best solution will ris
  17. This is my thoughts exactly. That's why I only use 33mm. When I have purchased a few 35mm frames I use my router and cut them down to 33. This is a bit time consumming however I am happier with the result. I can still use 10 in the honey box with a bit of spacing between the frames.
  18. Hi DJC. That is fine for commercials but the prices skyrocket when as a hobbyist you only want to buy 1 box. And you are correct about assembly. If you do not do it correctly the boxes do not last and possibly not square. Also I have heard of people getting the rebates mixed up so that the frames will not fit into the box.
  19. Hi Dansar I use 45 years engineering and woodworking experience and my normal workshop equipment. Router and sawbench. Yes the commercial ones are done on CNC type machines. Almost put a tree in one end and components come out the other. It is not profitable for me to make my own components , however I enjoy makes them because as you suggest they are tricky.
  20. Mostly I make all my own products, however sometimes I have been over run and had to buy in stock. All my products are new, untreated and various exotic timbers that I scource.
  21. Hi Daniel. I sell complete hive on the Buy sell exchange and trade me. Are the boxes new or second hand?? you say 2 brood and 2 full size boxes. is that 4 boxes or 2 boxes as I think they are the same?? What is the base made off and how is the roof made?? Answer: if all new. Boxes $20.00 ea. Floor $20 to $30 depends what it is. Lid $20.00. You also will need a Hive Mat (ceiling) $20.00 Plus frames, wax etc. Best wishes. As it all depend on how much you are prepared to pay. Have alook at this as an idea. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=442406802
  22. I caught a small swarm (football size) Monday afternoon 16th January. It is all settled into a NUC so will see over the next few days if I managed to get the queen. I hope so as I have a hive that is queenless at present and this could give me a bit of a jump start.
  23. Looks like this is another thread that I need to stay clear off. I understand some people are very passionate about all sorts of things but we on the forum are not the enemy. We should all try and moderate our tone. Yelling and screaming never wins a battle. Remember: Someone convinced against their will, is of the opinion still. Keep up the good work Grant. I for one as a new bee find this forum very helpful but I am to new into it to know all the histories.
  24. Just goes to show. The girls know what they are doing and it proves that Langstroth are prefered to TBH. LOL!!!!
  25. Those figures are Bl---y scary. As per usual with the PC world we now live in No-one is ever responsible. Or if there is, it is usually some token minion at the bottom of the heap. We could never allow the beaurecrats to loose their huge pay cheques, rather they now come up with a BIG scheme and tell us that we will have to pay for their oversights.
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