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  1. I caught a small swarm (football size) Monday afternoon 16th January. It is all settled into a NUC so will see over the next few days if I managed to get the queen. I hope so as I have a hive that is queenless at present and this could give me a bit of a jump start.
  2. Looks like this is another thread that I need to stay clear off. I understand some people are very passionate about all sorts of things but we on the forum are not the enemy. We should all try and moderate our tone. Yelling and screaming never wins a battle. Remember: Someone convinced against their will, is of the opinion still. Keep up the good work Grant. I for one as a new bee find this forum very helpful but I am to new into it to know all the histories.
  3. Just goes to show. The girls know what they are doing and it proves that Langstroth are prefered to TBH. LOL!!!!
  4. Those figures are Bl---y scary. As per usual with the PC world we now live in No-one is ever responsible. Or if there is, it is usually some token minion at the bottom of the heap. We could never allow the beaurecrats to loose their huge pay cheques, rather they now come up with a BIG scheme and tell us that we will have to pay for their oversights.
  5. First year. Now got 5 hives on 3 apairies. Caught 2 swarms this year. going well. Removed a swarm from a wall and they decided they didn't like their new home so they left. I made 1 NUC to make the 5 and found the queen in that yesterday. 2 hives have 2 brood boxes full and 2 honey supers awaiting filling. My main interest is making and assembling the woodwork which keeps me busy when I am not at work or got my head inside a hive. The best part of beekeeping is taking the wee granchildren down to the hives where they sit and watch the bees for hours on end.
  6. Only if you want to. Depends on how many years or hive etc. Just register, get set up and then start with a few hives until you decide. You can print out an inspection sheet and this can be transfered to your note book later if you don't like it. Walk slow. Like the cheese add. Good things take time. You will make mistakes but that is how to learn.
  7. Checked the new swarm today which I caught on Saturday. They have drawn out 3 frames of foundation. 2 frames already full of eggs. Not bad for 4 days. I guess I will have new brood by the end of the month. All looking very good.
  8. I did not like making my sites shared so I made mine private so no-one else can see where your sites are. Big security risk I feel. When you create a yeard do not check the box by postcode, then no one else can see your sites.
  9. Totally understand Jacco. But I am a techno nut and like to use techology.
  10. Turns out not a problem. I opened the hive that was Queenless and they all moved house and decided to live in the NUC box where I thought the queen was. Just to keep them all confused I then opened the hive and tipped the NUC into it presumably along with the queen. Anyway it must have been OK because now the NUC is empty and the hive is working very active today bringing in pollen and I assume nectar. No noise other than the sound of busy wings. All the roaring has gone. Let's hope they build quickly for the honey flow.
  11. Certainly prompt on their reply "yes all parts available,but should last forever" Seem like a good price and idea to me.
  12. Some of the flash ones from the big bee suppliers have nylon gears. My 4 frame SS hand extractor has plastic gears. The question should be more along the lines of are replacement gears available. I will post a trade me question
  13. No. 1 queen only. The big lot from the totara tree is still roaring 24 hrs later. The queen was in the smaller lot (10lt) and is now in the NUC. They are quiet and all settled already. Decision now as to whether I recombine the 2 lots or put a queen cell in the big queen lot. I am leaning toward the first option.
  14. 7 Jan 2012. Just as I was sitting down to lunch a beekeeper friend ran to say she had a problem and there were bees all over her backyard. I said I would get some gear together and come up and see what I could do. By the time I got there 20 min later the girls had left and were now 4 doors down the road. I tried to set up a swarm trap nearby but they were not interested in that as they were starting to festoon 8 m up a totara tree. After speaking with the neigbour and asking if I could use his driveway as access I told him that I needed to get my ladder and capture equipment and I would be b
  15. That is exactly what I found when I removed a hive from a wall. The brrod acutually covered the entrance hole with the brood area. Maybe it would be an experiment someone could do with a standard hive or move a brood chamber in a longhive. Then see if the bees move it back to the entrance.
  16. Many thanks Jacco. Every bit of advice helps. Now all we need is some warm weather. Any idea there. I was hopeing global warming would help but it looks colder to me.
  17. I know how you feel. That is why I decided to use hive tracks as it does not use an android phone and does not look so complicated..
  18. Hi Alister. Many thanks for that info. Pretty much as I was thinking. Someone told me that the commercials only use 35 everywhere. You make a lot more sense. Thanks
  19. Yes but they don't use revolvers any more. Because of our high speed, high technology world the revolvers have turned into bloody great machine guns, but MAF still insists at pointing them at our heads. Of course in this modern world no one is every held accountable and theythen blame some rubbish or scientific hallucination of Global Warming (but let's not go there as I think the bees would like another 5 deg of temp).
  20. I am currently using www.hivetracks.com I looked at beetight but it wanted to put in too much info, but it can be used with a smart phone. Hive tracks is a bit more simple and as a new bee I thought it had all the info that I wanted. It is also free regardless of howmany hives you have. It has good mapping (google) and current weather. The only problem is the time but I don't see that as a particular problem. Cheers
  21. Well done. It is great fun collecting the swarms. How about posting some Pics and ideas about the swarm trap.
  22. I would like some clarification on why the difference in some frames width. According to Andrew Mathewsons Book he states that the standard size for frames is best at 33mm and there is still a hang over from the imperial days when the conversion was 35mm. A standard Langstroth box is 365mm wide allowing for 10 frames (333mm) plus 35mm for spacing and a bit of manipulation. With 35mm frame there is on 15mm space. This makes things a bit tight when the bees put a bit of propolis around the frames. Does it make much difference to the bees except that 35mm would give them an extra 2mm of b
  23. Yes I agree about all th opinions. If you get six beekeepers together you will get 12 different opinions on any subject. This sounds a lot like orchid growing, but we all end up ok. The big diffenece here is the learning curve is extremely steep. One you get the bees it is all on with not to much relief and apparent pit falls everywhere.
  24. Thanks Janice. I suppose I am being just concerned about not doing thinggs right.
  25. My hives are in town so there is alway plenty of nectar around. The girls are certainly busy. Maybe I am just a bit over keen.
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