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  1. I put this is the same category as those idiots who say it is cheaper to live on fast junk food rather than eat healthy. We live in a world of scare mongers but then this goes back to the world is flat. Maybe I am just getting old and becoming more of a cynic.
  2. Why wait. Get in and talk about how you got to this stage. What makes you think that you have to have bees to start beekeeping. Surely this forum is a start.
  3. Hi aAaster. I have been following this thread with great interest. Is there any chance of you summerising what you do. Questions: 1. What is dilutions rate. 2. How to do the dilution calc (above) 3. Where to get formic acid. 4. When to apply treatment. 5. How do you do the treatment. 6. How long do you leave the treatment on. 7. etc etc. I know this is a bit long winded but if it was done in a pdf or word doc it could be added to or altered as required. I have already downloaded the drawings from earlier. I think this is one of those important bits of informa
  4. 50 plus years ago my grandad said to me "It is best to appear a fool rather than say something and remove all doubt." If I have to weigh up experience against none then I will always go with experience and leave the "understand legislation alone. Keep up the good work Beehaven, Janice, DJC, phil k etc.
  5. This afternoon -17 Feb 2012 I found my queen under the hive. 1. On wednesday when inspection my hives I found a new supercedure queen in my hive, I caught her and marked her with liquid twink (whiteout). 2. The week before I had seen the new queen and not been able to capture her to mark her and at the same time I double queened the hive with a small swarm that I had caught about 3 weeks prior, the queens are seperated by 2 queen excluders. 3. The new queen was in the bottom brood box and the swarm queen on top. 4. On wednesday I had checked the swarm box and found the queen and t
  6. This afternoon -17 Feb 2012 I found my queen under the hive. 1. On wednesday when inspection my hives I found a new supercedure queen in my hive, I caught here and marked her with liquid twink (whiteout). 2. Sorry will start this again. I hit the wrong button and it posted it before I could complete
  7. The best solution for possums is a small lead pellet administered with force from a longish peice of steel with a spiral twist in it. Possums and other such pests never become immune to it.
  8. Read through this whole thread and you will see plenty of options for buying SS mesh. Just remember that cheap now may not be cheap in the long run if they rust out or detoriorate in some way. Repairs are always more costly than the original build.
  9. My thoughts exactly. That's why I asked the question. Big sighs of relief
  10. So all said. Why not have a standard Langstroth.??? Everything fits with infinite expansion. As the TBH already starts 1m off the ground then it only makes the expansions higher so it makes them more difficult to move when full. I had originally planned on a TBH as I am a pretty profiecient builder and have all the equipment. However, after reading all the info I can find on this forum I am sure that i will never build one. My Langstroths are going great with no hastles with size of footprint or expansion.
  11. Hi Jerry. There is an intro thread. Called "When did you start beekeeping " Cheers
  12. Look up the Wellington Bee Club. It is a very good club with plenty of activity and knowledge. They will be able to give you all the assistance you require plus maybe a mentor.
  13. This has numberous possibilities. Not sure how far it could be taken but you could even make a glass side wall so that the camera could travel past the vertical ends of the frames. It maybe possible to even be able to see inside the brrod nest. Maybe at plan 3 or 4 or 20. Possibilities are endless. And potentially lots of fun
  14. I am sure that a chamber could be made the size of a frame to seal the bees away from the camera. Whilst they will still propilis over the veiwing chamber it can be cleaned off. It could even contain some sort of lighting??? Would that affect the working the bees.
  15. This is almost like the Abortion / Anti abortion debate. The TBH people are going to keep splitting hairs about whether there is a dot on the T or if the I is crossed. They don't want to accept that the rule is for a frame. As long as they take breath they will believe they are correct. They will never accept that for the last 100 plus years the rule has been there and observed by beekeepers and now suddenly everyone else is wrong. I for one don't want my beekeeping jepeodiosed because someone wants to do their own thing and B-----r the law. Nothing like the ostrich syndrome.
  16. Easiest way is to try and see what happens. Try using water first to check the qty. Then try the applicator with the acid to see if it eats it. You should know pretty quick. Like within a couple of days. Any sign of detoriation and you will know.
  17. Always remember that the only "Dumb" question is one that is not asked. How can we learn if we don't ask questions.
  18. Yes Beehaven. This statement can also be applied to the idea of putting Folic Acid into our bread. When you consider how many people are not in baby production mode it seems to me to be a great overkill when they could just as easily give folic acid to pregnant women. Fortunately, I eat very little bread and I will remove it completely from my diet if it is bought in. Oh, Well, another big brother issue when the experts know best.
  19. I have been using this in conjuction with drone brood removal. Mite levels in drone sampling has been very small with only 5 mites found on 1 x 3/4 size frame. I don't think it will control but it will reduce the level of mites. (I hope) Mite drop on Hive Doctor sample trays has been zero
  20. Great. I hate to think of all the work and miss on a minor point. I like to rebate all my joint also. Are you using Stainless Steel screws. They are not much more expensive but they last forever. Keep up the good work the project looks to be going well. Best wishes with the hive once you get the girls into it.
  21. Maybe they like to do it standing up
  22. I see with the legs that you have only made a flat joint without rebating. This will come loose even if you have gorrilla glued the joint. I suggest that you put in some braces at the bottom as the hive will become unstable within about 12 months or so. Easier to fix now rather than when the bees are in the hive.
  23. If you join the club you will probably find a lot of equipment is avail from the club for loan or hire. As I said lots of benefits. I have a visitor from England who helps me and I supply everything except him, his knowledge and company. Works for both of us.
  24. When it is not fun it is time to give it up. I am sure the girls will be happy either way. I will stick with my langstroth hives
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