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  1. Totara log. 1.6m dia at butt end. 25m long without a branch. 900mm dia at bronken end. Came down the Mmanawatu River in the 2004 floods. I chainsaw milled it into 70mm board to table tops. 4 and 6 m long. A bit of a big job.
  2. Hi Haydon. Yes I understand Myclia. You are correct, first stage of rot. I was just pointing out the tannin reaction to oils. Interesting to note that petroleum based oils do not have the same Bloom reactions that Natural organic oils have. Wax dipping is the best but should probably be painted afterwards to make it last longer.
  3. I don't see any reason for changing bases. The HD floor allows for the drop of varroa and may be the reason hive 3 had low numbers and hive 1 which was changed to a solid floor had high numbers. Purely speculation!!:rolleyes:
  4. The white stuff we call "Bloom" in woodworking and it is a reaction between tannins in the wood and the oil. Many years ago paint manufactures made a pink primer specially for Totara and Matai. Off the track a bit but still relevant to treating hives. Whilst oil looks nice when it is new, all oils (even boiled linseed) will dry out within 12 months. So if you want a natural look go for oil and do it annually. Not quite so natural is paint and repaint every 10 years. I know my preference and the bees don't care.
  5. As a wood worker I know from experience that natural oils without hardeners in them will all dry out over a short period of time. If you wish to oil the hives then 3 coats of a thin boiled linseed oil is probably the best. Thin the boiled linseed with about 30% turps or kerosene. If you use unboiled linseed it will not harden and will stay sticky and the boxes will get coated with dust etc. Walnut oil, canola oil, and olive oil etc will look real good for a short period of time but will not last. Not so much by evaporation but just weathering and drying out.
  6. As has been said somewhere on this forum. Arsnic is organic. Not sure I want to drink or eat to much of it. By the way cyanide is also organic. Good organic way to kill possums.
  7. But can you do it long enough to reduce the swelling.
  8. Formic Acid.??? But how to do it. and what quantity
  9. Hi Wayne. Pretty much. You use about 10% as a starter. Find a nice creamed honey in your supermarket that you like. (I like Arataki Clover blend). Mix the starter (about 500 gm) into your runny honeyand mix very well. I use a battery brill and the wife's pastery dough hook from the cake mixer. No real effort there but the longer you beat it the creamier it is. The I put it in the fridge as the creaming happens when the honey is 14 deg C. Next day you have about 5 lt of creamed honey so you can start the process again and within a couple days you can have a few hundred kg of creamed ho
  10. [Was there a plan b if you got stuck in the river? Yes, Call for Help. Bee an AA member
  11. I have been watching this forum for sometime with regards to varroa counts. As I am new to beekeeping I don't want to loose any of my hives. I am using hive doctor floors and have made a modified tray under the fllo as per Stu's (Hive Doctor inventors) suggestion. Since having my bees i have not been able to find a single varroa on the board. I don't believe I am that lucky that I don't have the beggars but I was wondering are they walking off the floor board. Is it neccessay to use some sort of sticky board or light cooking oil on the tray for them to stick to. The problem I see with
  12. No, You are wrong. The light you see is just some begger with a torch bringing you more work.
  13. You would probably have to replace her with a mated queen as it is getting to late now for a supercedure replacement (which you probably don't want from that hive)
  14. Thanks. The world is full of acrunums asnd it takes a while to come to grips with them in a new hobby or job
  15. Sorry. Ne Bee here. What is LC and SC.
  16. Great idea. Will watch with anticipation.
  17. I am now on the wrong side of 60. No candle sticks but plenty of bowls and garden dibbles.
  18. Did you notice how high up on top of the building she was. Imagine the effort to get all the potting mix up there.
  19. In the woodturning world we call it "Designer Firewood"
  20. WOW!!. That is unbelievable. I am not doubting you. It is just that I have had the same problem getting the girls to go to new foundation. This is no doubt the same problem. Thanks for the tip about distilled fruit spirit.
  21. http://www.manawatubeeclub.org.nz/the-news/41-news/136-pncc-animals-and-bees-bylaw-2011 This is the link to Manawatu Bee Club and the PNCC bylaws. Hope this helps with the upcoming battle of Beauracracy
  22. The Palmerston North City Council tried to change it's bylaws to make it very difficult to keep bees in town. Like getting all neighbors to give written consent. No hives on sections under 1000sq m. $10.00 permit fee (no change) Plus other measures. The Manawatu bee club and members put in a submission along with other members of the public. Result. 2 hive on 50o sq m, up to 8 hives on 2000 sq m No consent from neighbors, No permit required unless outside the regulations. needs 3 complaints from seperate complainers Overall an excellent result for beekeepers. Kapiti
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