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  1. I also got involved with a survey this year. Letter heading read Exotic Honey bee Surveillance : Instructions for beekeeping sampling hives for external mites. Text say. Requesting beekeepers to test their own hives for this component of the program is a new concept which is being trialled this season. Therefore this is a pilot study. Sampling is for Tropilaelaps sp. The inspector will collect the sticky boards when they carry out the remainder of the inspection activities. For me personally I am very happy to participate in this survey and I hope to gain from it with a bit of h
  2. Oh!! how the discussion has sunk to new depths.:rofl::rofl:
  3. I have just purchased from Packaging House some 440mil containers. These will hold 500gm honey. Push on lids. They are similar to the containers that supermarkets use for Coleslaw etc in the Deli bar. Item 1890735 Qty 100 440ml containers, microwaveable Item 1024155 Qty 100 Lids Total cost $34.00 Packaging house has a minimum purchase for casual sales of $50.00
  4. :lol Just for you. Also with the added optional extra of yellow spots:D
  5. You are probably correct. But I would still like a better filter. Time to have another easter egg and top up my chocolate overload. Have a happy easter
  6. This still does not assist with the search pattern. I agree with your senario Tony. But as I see it, it still boils down to the lack of search filters in trade me. Maybe I am wrong but as I see it, you can only search on "business farming & industry" which is level 1. I would like to see (for everyone) the ability to search/Filter to the lowest levels otherwise who cares what group a product it. It might as well be "All items"
  7. Hi BTDT. Welcome aboard. I have been watching this thread with much interest. I am sure there is no one out there who likes using sprays. I have been in the gardening world for a lot of years and used most of those old nasties like DDT and nicotine sprays etc. I have been busting to have a say of support about little to no spays then the the old adage kicks in. Best to look a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. To spray or not to spray holds strong views on both sides. Heaven would be no sprays at all and let nature run, however logic says we have to feed the world. I am s
  8. Hi Grant Trouble with the trohpy points list is that it shows the post etc but not what each level equates to. ie Nu bee, Egg etc
  9. I thought you might like that.:rofl::rolleyes:
  10. Not sure. I can't remember, I think DJC should be our queen bee. When you have been thru the forum you will understand why I say that.:lol:rofl:
  11. I use Hive Tracks. This is an American based internet hive record system WWW.hivetracks.com. It is not ideal but it is a good start. Remember to set your maps to private.
  12. Just a bit of bee humor. When Grant started the forum a discussion was held about reward points etc. so we ended up with something like. Drone Sitting around doing nothing but reading the forum Nu Bee Done the first post Egg Done the first 10 posts Lava 50 posts Pupa 100 posts Bee keeper Grant. He owns the forum and pays the $$$ to keep it running. If you mis behave on the forum he can give you the hive tool treatment. It is all laid out somewhere in the forum and I am sure that Grant will post a pointer to where it all is. More posts
  13. Hi Tony. Yes I understand what you are saying. I am always unrealistic (it goes with thinking what i am doing is the most important thing in the world). What would be the best option would be if Trade Me had a filter system that could turn on/off each level of category then I don't have an issue where they put bee keeping(as long as there is one). Then we could filter all bee keeping without having to worry about how a trader has spelt beekeeping, bee keeping, beekeep, bee keep, beeequipment, bee equipment etc etc. Many listed items can be missed because our only option on Trade
  14. Join the Wellingto Bee Club. They are a very good club and may be able to provide you with a mentor.
  15. Putting beekeeping 3 levels down would be a waste of time as you cannot select beyound the upper level. So to put beekeeping at level three would give no more advantage than there is now.. I would like to see a category of Beekeeping on the same level as Business, farming etc. Either that or Trade me needs to put in more filters to allow level 3 searching.
  16. Welcome Mark. There is a lot of information here to gain
  17. No you are correct. Never leave linseed oil soaked rags in a heap. They do spontaneously combust. I have only heard of linseed doing this, I guess something to do with the manner in which it cures. It is ok in containers but has something to to with the oil soaked rags. Many wood working sheds have burnt down in this manner.
  18. Also a point to consider is who is sponsoring the studies. Quite of can get baised results. I am not say it is so in this case, just a point to always keep in the back of your mind when reading any report/study.
  19. I sell on trade me and I would like a Bee Keeping section.
  20. I have been using spray on canola oil. Sticks most things and easy to clean up with a 150mm wide paint scraper
  21. No. It would be best if all bee keeping equipment, bees and products were in beekeeping not just bees and equipment. All in one basket is best.
  22. It would also be helpful if they had a better filer/search pattern. Currently you can only filet down to Business,Farming & Industry. Would be great to be able to drill down further. Then having a Bee section would be more usefull.
  23. There is some big wood in some of the rivers. Of course you never know when they fell over or where they come from.
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