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  1. Wow!!! That has to be pretty hard on the bees.:cautious:
  2. Made be you could even give her a "Toi Moko". Then she would be an indigenous bee and eligible for all the benifis under the "Treaty of Waitangi"(y) By the Way. Just kidding before I get any racial comments.:lol
  3. Yes, it is interesting how long they can live with only the top half of their bodies.
  4. Thanks Tony. More info to think about for my own spreedsheet that i have developed along the lines of Auckland bee club.
  5. Yes it is CO2 in the Mig welder. What does the CO2 do to the bees.??
  6. Thanks I have that. I am just interested in the different types of info that is collected to see what modifications I can make to get better info. I also don't want to get to complicated.
  7. Hi Tony. Any chance of posting a copy so we can see what info you record. Helpful for us new beekeepers
  8. Thanks John. Great to get the experience of the forum members.
  9. Hi John. Could you explain this a bit more please. Not the bio- security part. The rest of your statement about the small hive bettle. Thanks
  10. Why re-invent the wheel. Hive Doctor have built a beaut floor. Got the ventalation right. sampling tray, and cost is pretty good at around $25/$30 depends on where you get them from. By the time you purchase the mesh for the floor and the cost of timber plus manufacture time I decided on Hive Doctors. www.hivedoctor.com
  11. Hi Otto What's with the Madevallia flower. I was a breeder and grower of many these.
  12. I don't like Nitrous oxide. Just CO2 get's me ticked off. I am a global warming sceptic. The bees would like more heat.
  13. Since when has carbon dioxide been a pollutant. Try living without it and the whole world will die. No growth in plants and plants would not be able to produce oxygen. Next we will be saying water is a pollutant. Oh yes, that's right Helen Clarke did say this.???
  14. Many thanks Pbee. Just what I hoped. All 3 nest were within 30 m of my hives.
  15. Just a few silly questions??:thumbdown: I have found 3 nest and 2 I killed with Carbryl powder that i blew into the nest. The other nest was in the ground so I did was to use Pbee system of petrol in a drink bottle and jamed it into the hole. My silly questions.??(y) What happens to all the flying wasps that are not killed in the poisioning?? Do they just mill around for a while and then leave and somehow set up a new nest?? Can they somehow make a queen?? Do the stray flyers just die off after a few days when they no longer have a nest?? :thumbdown:
  16. What thickness of poly would be needed. I thought about 18/20mm ???:thumbdown:
  17. I think it needs more than this. As Janice says, send to the press etc but also send it out to every registered bee keeper ( you have our addresses). The letter to all bee keepers should also have a covering letter asking what they would like the NBA to do etc. (No one will reply but at least you will be able to say you have been asked.) Ask them why they are not members. Post it on this forum. Post it on the NBA web site. The more you can spread the info around the better the chance of getting people to join. My personal thing is that the subscription should have an opt out of the Maga
  18. For my 2c's worth. From the magazine page 19 there are 3750 bee keepers with 420916 hives. However there are only 650 members in the NBA (Somewhere in this thread) then the NBA needs to ask itself why are there so few members. I like Janices' suggestion of $2.00 per hive with a base of $20.00. It would need a hive cap/differential rate at the commercial 2 level but if all registered bee keepers did join the NBA then their powers of persuasion and influence would be so much greater. Plus they could attract more advertisers as well. For me with just 5 hives the fee of $145 is just way to h
  19. Our club decided not to be a member last year as our fees are only $20 per year. We don't try to make money as a club so our fees would not pay for last years in increase.
  20. I have been using hive tracks. Seems pretty good. But it is Americanised. Not really a problem but the clock is out and some of the treatments are not avail or approved in NZ. Otherwise very good. Remember not to make the maps public. For security reasons you don't want to tell everyone where your bee hives are.
  21. Hi Thel. Is that one of my hive matts I see in the background. Just looks like how I make mine. Did you buy it via trade me. Good to see the bees are doing well.
  22. I would just move it. I moved one of my hive a few months ago about 10m. I just picked it up and put it where I needed it. I did it in the morning and by early afternoon there were quite a few disorientated feild bees. But by night time almost all bees had found the new location. Next day the last few bees found their way to the new home. They ony had 2 options. Find the new location or stay out in the cold.
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