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  1. ######. I am doing it all wrong. Maybe I should just stop breathing.:devil:
  2. So, how do I remove my varroa strips without disturbing the hive. They are due out this week.
  3. So to take that to the next step. If we can produce a nano bee then we should be able to produce a nano kiwi fruit or any other plant and then we would not need the nano bees and just eat the nono fruit and vegie. Then we wouldn't even need cowsor other such protien. Boy, my tiny brain is already miles away. Then it all crashes back to earth and I have to ask "IS IT NATURAL????????".:thumbdown:(y) Oh, ###### another B&C.
  4. Boy it is lucky " I never try to stir the Pot" or I could really get some action going. Well done everyone for for reactions to some tongue in cheek comments. Remember as Deejacee says. Its all about what written on your DECA
  5. Wikipedia doen not make the rules for New Zealand beekeeping. The NZ biosecurity act does and we as beekeepers must comply with that.
  6. Now Dansar, I must take issue. Oil is derived from organic material that has been lying around for a couple of years or so with a big weight on it, so "Oil is organic". It is also a hydrocarbon, so are trees and all plants and animals, so therefore we are all organic or toxic. I like to use wood because after all it does grow on trees. Deniz, if you think plastic is good then try drinking water out of a warm drink bottle on a hot day.. When wood gets old and yuckky you can also burn it and provide more warmth to the world (it is too cold today). The resulting CO2 that is released is go
  7. And a "bully" to get all those girls to work for you. It is always easiest to attack the person rather than the argument when you are in the wrong. "Natural" TBH people will always resort to abusive arguments.
  8. Looks very pretty. Unfortunately cannot see what is inside so is it just a flash plastic langstroth box. Also what is the insulation like. What is the cost etc. Pretty hard to beat the cost of a kitset langstroth hive specially if you are buying multiples.
  9. The bees will not want to live in a shabby beehive. Cum'on Dave you should know that.
  10. Being a bit of a thick OO when it comes to some of this new technology. What is a podcast and how does it work.
  11. This whole arguement is like chasing your tail. Everything is chemical even if we want to call it organic, so no treatment is the only way. However, as has been report in many forums that just ends with lots of dead bees. However I suppose that is natural only. The whole argument "Natural" "Un-Natural" is pointless My 2 cents worth
  12. That's because everyone who is a Langstroth beekeeper is by the Natural beekeepers definition an "Un-natural beekeeper". So there you are Frazzled, now you are even more frazzled because you are not natural along with the rest of use.:rofl::giggle::thumbdown:
  13. They already exist. But they link to internet databases. A dairy type on an android with beekeeping info would be good.
  14. The manawatu Bee Club has these. We use Bayvrol in the summer and Apiguard. in the Autumn. 2 x packs of Apiguard are required $4.00 per pack. I live in P nth. I will send you a pm with my contact details
  15. I found the same. It is not a simple concept to grasp the first time one fills it out
  16. Yes Ben I agree. However I am sure the ABC will have someone who can assist you. We certainly do that for club members here in the Manawatu
  17. Hi Dave. How can you tell if they are bringing in Nectar
  18. Yes the hive needs to be inspected to complete the ADR. That is why everyone should do the DECA course. Check with the Auckland bee club. I am sure they will have a member in the area who is qualified.
  19. Join the Manawatu Bee Club. Meets 4th Thursday every month in the Newbury hall at 7 pm. Contact detail on www.manawatubeeclub.org.nz
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