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  1. Draw some squares on it first to assist with counting. Spray on canola oil works well
  2. Boy, don't they. I reply to a thread as I see it and then later another contrary opinion comes in and then it is too late to adjust my first post. Then it is just Bu---r :crap: get on with life and hope that I get the next posting correct. The big thing I reckon is to try a keep it non personal.
  3. get him to read the Palmerston North City Council regulations. Basically it is now open, 1 hive per 500 sq m or part thereof up to a max of 8 hives in 1 acre.
  4. Yes, it would be good if the NBA had some guide lines on course contents. Not detailed to the nth degree but just detailing outcomes that should be achieved. ie beginners cse, AFB course (probably already available), extraction, PMS, hiveware (construction and regulations). Rules and regulations. Plus lots more other things.????
  5. Should be no problem alternating Apivar and Bayvrol.
  6. You would need to check then if it is legal in liquid form in NZ
  7. That is the same active ingredient as Apivar. Avail from Beeswax
  8. I suppose if you are big enough in any industry you can get away with almost anything. Amazing that the authorities can say that they have lost enough by not being able to sell their crop that is punishment enough. Boy that is a big punishment. :crap:
  9. I am firmly with AGW. How else would temperatures fluctuate on Mars, Venus, Jupiter and of course earth if it was not for man burning a few fossils here on earth. Hell, we have an over opinionated sense of the power of mankind.:thumbdown::thumbdown:
  10. Cum'on Grant. Global warming is to blame once again.:rofl: :crap:
  11. Petrol has a very calming effect after the initial grumpy reaction
  12. The worst part was killing the bees. When you throw in a cup of petrol the screaming is horrible. I will never do that again. If there is a next time I will use carbryl. I planned for this when I first set up my equipment. 3 seperate sites well away from each other, Then I painted each hive and all equipment with a different colour so I can pretty well garantee that only effected hives and equipment were destroyed. Fortunately I make all my own hiveware so those costs were reduced but the lost year of drawn comb cannot be recovered, specially on top of a very poor honey season. Oh well
  13. Alaster. I agree 100%. I always get a little touchy whenever an individual group get selected out. I had the unfortunate situation this year (being first year beekeeper) I lost 2 of my 5 hives to AFB from my bees robbing out a feral hive in a shed wall. Fortunately I had 3 very seperate apairies so still have 3 hives. Not a very nice feeling when as a new bee to open a hive and find AFB. Yes I do have a DECA.
  14. Alaster. Not sure that I agree with your numbers about who has most AFB. If a hobbyist with 5 hives gets 1 effected with AFB it is 20%. However if a commercial with a 1000 hives get 1 effected it is only 0.1 %. Numbers can lie. However I agree with your whole posting (as always)
  15. Sure and compulsion is probably the only way to go. I am almost certain there are also a lot of hobby hives which are not registered. Maybe compulsion will help in this matter also or will it drive more underground as it has with those who do not support the frames / no frames arugment.
  16. Hi Alaster, If you have a look in the NBA mag that has the AFB info you will see that there is just under 500,000 registered hives in NZ. I am not sure why BIG would require $1.5 to run the bee industry but it is a scary number. The NBA membership certainly does not bring in that much money as less than 10% of all registered beekeepers belong to the NBA. However I believe that the model of $1 to $3 per hive would encourage more beekeepers to join the NBA.
  17. Yes it does sound as if it has potential. Just a pity they have already come out with guns blazing against the hobbyist even if we have now been upgraded to 50 - 70 hives. Just makes me a bit sceptical, I hope I am wrong.
  18. I cannot understand what is any different other than the shape of the hive. What a strange old world. I guess the TBH people just like the agro.:thumbdown:
  19. I hope Gary is not like the last one on Target that made the news:(
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