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  1. Thanks @john berry. Your feedback has been about what I suspected. I hope the trees/areas recover.
  2. Ahh!, So sweet. Thanks @jamesc
  3. Unfortunately, you are probably correct. Just the same as the media blame all the woes of USA on Trump. He has only been President for 3.5 years. What about all the politicians who have been in power for over 40 years.
  4. Well, August is here and in another 14 days I will start my bee season for 2020. I don't look in the hives before mid August. From the few hives I have visited on nice days, everyone is working quite nicely. It has been a funny winter here in Manawatu without any real frosts this year. The Tree lucerne, Wattles and gorse are all flowering well. Keep an eye on the hive weights and have a great season everyone.
  5. But by whose standards. You have probably reach his zenith.
  6. I am not sure how some of that works. I hope @Grant can fill in those bits.
  7. I am not sure what that is. @Grant will have that info. I have my phone set on the highest resolution possible and I have never been stopped from uploading images. I wonder if some of the problem may be the data connection that you have. I have unlimited data and speed and regularly have over 1000 mb upload speed.
  8. That is part of the donation system. Along with the ability to send and receive messages. Larger photos and messages are a bonus for being a donor.
  9. Please explain. How does having a bit of drone brood translate to having sexually active drones.
  10. Mine appears OK. Log in. Go to Apiary Report. Left hand side has heading MAF ID Then under that is your Apiary numbers. Then to get the actual ID number you add your Reg number in front of the MAF ID number So in my case. H4485/5 etc Hope that helps
  11. I use Aramex (Fastway) for all my courier stuff. Great to deal with, prices are good, service is great. And I love the online booking system.
  12. You need to be a donor to the forum to be able to send PM's
  13. I am not a member either. Maybe it a recruitment drive.
  14. That is my second notification that I have received from NZ Beekeeping Inc.
  15. Here is all the information: WAIKATO BRANCH – New Zealand Beekeeping Inc MINI CONFERENCE REGISTRATION Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd August 2020 Wairakei Resort Taupo 640 Wairakei Drive, Taupo 3379 Company Name _________________________________________________________________________________ Attendee Name (1) _______________________________________________________________________________ Attendee Name (2) _______________________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________
  16. Here is a copy of an email I have received from NZ Beekeeping inc. Hello Everyone, NZ Beekeeping are pleased to share the recognition of the corrections to the Biosecurity (American Foulbrood-Beekeeper Levy Amendment Order (No2) 2020 which has been gazetted this morning. We wanted to share with you first, the proposed media release, below. More information to come on what this means for you. BEGINS: Time for some accountability over Levy debacle, says NZ Beekeeping Inc. Apiculture NZ Inc in its role as the Management Agency for the American Foulbrood Pe
  17. Sounds like the Covid testing for Thelma and Louise. Sorry to hear of your loss.
  18. Yes. I put it into the realms of Sunblock. We are lead to believe that the higher the number the better the product. That same conditioning is being used in the marketing of honey. I think this is very slightly underhand.
  19. Yes. Teresa managed to get right around on her travel scoot. Track is a bit rough. We could only manage to the water tank on the summit track
  20. I am in Tauranga. Pretty crappy place. Main st has 1/2 the shops closed. Very depressing. Mt Maunganui is very busy. We are visiting friends.
  21. No thanks. North Island water is far superior. Just kidding. My wife and I are on holiday in BOP
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