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  1. Fixed. Just for you, even though you could have fixed it yourself. lol All good
  2. Well. Time is flying around and swarm season is now upon us. The weather bomb has cleared in Manawatu. Best wishes for everyone trying to keep their bees in their own hives and not having them hanging in trees.
  3. It is that time of the year again. I have heard that the first swarms have been reported in Northland and Auckland. I got a call about May this year for a cut out that was required at Massey University in Palmerston North. I checked it out and decided that we would leave it alone until spring. This is the false wall that the swarm was behind. This is the thermal image I took with my phone to see where the bees were. I was expecting most of the bees to be in the lower right corner. This was mostly true as the bees were
  4. Yes. That is exactly what you should do. Remember, always split from strength to strength.
  5. It means that you @Maggie Jameshave been quoted correctly and your name has been selected from the drop down list or someone has wanted you to see a posting. It also shows up as an email to you that you have been quotes and the little bell at the top right of the screen show a number of the quote. You can click on that and it will take you directly to the quote.
  6. Yes. But the OP was 0 from 40. So therefore something other than hive strength. Even a very weak hive queenless hive will try and make one or two cells. 0 pretty much always means queen in the hive.
  7. Then there is probably a virgin in the cell raiser.
  8. That looks great. I am sorry to see beekeeper locations disappear under beekeeper name. Even if some tried to muck about with the locations.
  9. I would not go back in after the cell has emerged as the bees will sometimes kill the new virgin or she will fly off. The bees will sort it.
  10. That is a very early swarm. Time to get the gear sorted for collections.
  11. Overnight. @frazzledfozzle gets them from Nelson to Manawatu overnight. She uses Courier Post. You just have to make sure that you have set up your deal with Fastways or whatever courier you decide to use.
  12. Yes. I am with Fastway. They have an online system that allows you to print labels and it saves your addresses i8n your system. When you print the label it automatically let's the courier driver to do the pick up.
  13. That is one way. But not practical for Commercial quantities. Ecrotek are suggesting someone like wood drying burner units. So they could be used as part of the fuel source for drying timber etc.
  14. I have checked again with Ecrotek and as expected, the actual ingredients with the frame are a commercial secret. However they did send me the following. Just to confirm, the plant based material in the BioForme frame does not contain palm kernel or any derivative of palm products and the plant materials in the frame are sourced from certified sustainably managed and ethically run plantations. The big winner that I can see, is that we will be able to burn these frames with no more pollution than burning the same amount of pine. Or they can be commercially compost
  15. Tell the orangutans to move and get a real job, instead of just hanging around in trees. And tell them to get a haircut as well..
  16. Looks like mid way between plastic and wood/wax. But, I would like to think that they can be safely disposed off will be worth the extra small cost. Time will tell.
  17. I have spoken with Ecrotek and They will be sending me a frame. They have told me that whilst the final price has yet to be determined, they expect the price to be mid way between traditional wood and wax frames and plastic frames. I have been told that they believe that the main recycle part of the frames will be by burning and that commercial wood burners will probably be the best option. They expect that the biodegrading part of the frames ability (composting) may not be so easy as once the frame has been used and covered in wax and propolis then composting may not be
  18. I don't think so. It will be your phone or PC etc that has done an update and logged you out. Just sign in again and I am sure all the Ads will disappear.
  19. Well, Spring has sprung and we are now into the 2020/21 season. I wish everyone all the best for the current season and everything goes as you deserve. Beautiful morning here in Manawatu but it is supposed to rain this afternoon. I see parts of the South Island have snow falling this morning. Let's hope the snow and rain they are getting will put out the big fire down that way. I have completed my first round and only had 1 hive death with a queen failure, so I am pretty happy there. I will be putting in my varroa strips starting on Thursday and doing my AFB sprin
  20. Thanks for that feedback. Most interesting for us here in NZ as we cannot import package bees into NZ.
  21. Welcome to the forum @Gerry. How did the bees work out for you after the extra 2 days.
  22. Yes please. So we know what one you are talking about.
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