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  1. And it almost cost Crumpie a new chainsaw. Priceless
  2. Not to mention the rifle sitting across the back window.
  3. I do them the same day usually. However, I have also done them 5 or 6 days later. But you then need to check all frames for supercedure cells.
  4. Which version of HD do you have. Move the box forward in summer so the whole front is open. I have never had an over heating problem with any of the models.
  5. That unit is made with Engineering grade plastic/nylon. They are self lubricating and pretty much wear proof. This grade of material will just about last forever, specially in a hobby situation. The little bearing under the shaft is very important, and as @Sailabee said, they are very easy to throw out with the cleaning water.
  6. The original cup should have had a ball bearing in it. It has probably bee lost over the years. The ball bearing keeps the shaft centered in the cup and prevents wear. The nylon replacement unit look like a great option to me.
  7. Sure. I always put the older queen up top. If one queen gets killed, then the worst that has happened is that you did not have to make the selection.
  8. I have moved the posts about weighing swarms to a new thread.
  9. Ok. So I have split this little section off from the Swarm season thread specially for @Maggie James Here is a couple of photos of my capture buckets and the ventilated lids that I made to keep the swarms alive. The wooden lids are made with 2 layers of 12mm ply with a sandwich of aluminium flyscreen to allow plenty of air into the capture bucket. This allows air for breathing and prevents the bees panicking and stressing themselves to death. The tare weight of the bucket and lid is written on the wooden lids. 1 kg of bees equals about 9000 bees (according to Mr Google)
  10. Pretty simple. I drop the swarms into a 20lt bucket (with vents) and a wooden/mesh lid. Using a simple luggage scale (digital) I got the tare weight of the bucket etc empty. When I have collected the swarm, I also have a vacuum unit (see my video) attached. Then I weight everything and it gives me a pretty good idea of what size hive to put the swarms into. 1 to 1.5 kg 5 frames NUC. 2 to 3 kg. 10 frame. 4 kg plus 20 frames. After 3 or 4 days I will reassess the available space they have drawn. All swarms go onto foundation. I will ta
  11. Sounds like a sensible plan. I usually join the 2 hives with newspaper and a queen excluder and then decide later which queen i am going to squash. Just another option.
  12. I got a call out yesterday and even thou i got there within 10 min of the call the bees did a runner (or flyby) and scarperd. So today was a bit more successful. Nice 1.5 kg swarm 3 m up a camellia trees. I dod not get that completed when I got a call from the other side of the city. This one was a bit more difficult as it was 6 m up a pittosporum tree. Deeply clustered around several brunches. Anyway, several attempts with my extension pole and bucket I collected 7 kg of bees. This is the biggest swarm that I have ever collected. Someone lost a whole hive by my estim
  13. Ok. Thanks. I knew it was all tied up somewhere until manuka came along
  14. Yes. They called their Leptospermum Leather wood or Tee tree.
  15. 2 swarms again today. 20 km apart. 1 @ 2.5 kg 1 @ 4.5 kg. Nice and easy captures. 2 kgs 4 .5 kg. 2.5 m up a small totara tree.
  16. They don't need the old queen to be around to swarm. They will wait until the first virgin emerges and then go with her. Unfortunately, the will keep going with virgins as separate swarms until they have virtually no bees left. You need to take more action than just removing the old queen. I would split the heck out of it and leave 1 queen cell with each split.
  17. Well, they will need at least 12 managers to run the 12 apprentices for starters. Then every manager and apprentice will need a new Toyota Landcruiser for starters.
  18. They were about 10 km apart, so not related. I will know in about 3 days when I check them if they have a queen each. I believe they will.
  19. 2 more swarms today. I could not get a photo of one as it was in an Ivy plant on a fence. Thanks goodness for the bee vac. The second was in a camilia street tree 1.5 m high. Another simple job for the bee vac. Very pretty surrounded with flowers. Both swarms around the 2 kg mark.
  20. Frames are too small to dip. It is only the boxes that may get dipped. Frames inside the hive are covered in wax and will last for many years. Dipping is for wood preservation or disease control.
  21. As do many people on any forum. I can't be bothered with checking the spelling or grammar or capitalization etc.
  22. I do not believe they will have a dipper. In fact I do not know of any bee club with that sort of facility. Too expensive and too dangerous to use.
  23. No. I am fine. What's the problem.
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