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  1. Frames are too small to dip. It is only the boxes that may get dipped. Frames inside the hive are covered in wax and will last for many years. Dipping is for wood preservation or disease control.
  2. As do many people on any forum. I can't be bothered with checking the spelling or grammar or capitalization etc.
  3. I do not believe they will have a dipper. In fact I do not know of any bee club with that sort of facility. Too expensive and too dangerous to use.
  4. No. I am fine. What's the problem.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Highly unlikely that you will be able to get anyone to hot dip the boxes for you. If you buy Ecrotek Ready To Go boxes they are pre hot dipped. Commercial beekeepers dip their own boxes but cannot be bothered with a small run of one or 2 boxes.
  6. Reposit it is quickest.
  7. I think that @Dave Black may have missed out on a word and his post should read. It's interesting sometimes to (Look) back at people's past posts... It puts a different light on the post.
  8. I just collected my first swarm for 2020. Good size. 4 plus Kg of bees.
  9. Time Left: 11 months and 20 days

    • Swarm Collection
    • Swarm Collector

    Can collect swarms within the Manawatu region. No charge Phone 0221052316


    Palmerston North, Select a state… - NZ

  10. What happened to the photos that you were meant to take and post on here
  11. Thanks @Maggie James Great info. I also agree about dairy being bee desert also.
  12. Sorry. I was more thinking of an overall seasonal crop rather than pollination crops. (my bad). Sad to hear of no clover crop, but was that just seasonal or is it getting more prevalent or due to overcrowding. (that is certainly what happens up around this way with huge dump sites).
  13. I am sure there are. But they would be usually high country locations where it is too cold or windy or both.
  14. Of course they get a honey crop in Ashhurst. It would be a pretty unusual place anywhere in New Zealand if they didn't get a honey crop. Ashurst is spelt with 2 x H's Therefore Ashhurst is the correct spelling. Yes. Bees will collect pine pollen but as @Alastair has said, it is very low on nutrition.
  15. Then re join them. Pick the best queens and kill the ones you don't want. Newspaper joint will work great.
  16. Fixed. Just for you, even though you could have fixed it yourself. lol All good
  17. Well. Time is flying around and swarm season is now upon us. The weather bomb has cleared in Manawatu. Best wishes for everyone trying to keep their bees in their own hives and not having them hanging in trees.
  18. It is that time of the year again. I have heard that the first swarms have been reported in Northland and Auckland. I got a call about May this year for a cut out that was required at Massey University in Palmerston North. I checked it out and decided that we would leave it alone until spring. This is the false wall that the swarm was behind. This is the thermal image I took with my phone to see where the bees were. I was expecting most of the bees to be in the lower right corner. This was mostly true as the bees were
  19. Yes. That is exactly what you should do. Remember, always split from strength to strength.
  20. It means that you @Maggie Jameshave been quoted correctly and your name has been selected from the drop down list or someone has wanted you to see a posting. It also shows up as an email to you that you have been quotes and the little bell at the top right of the screen show a number of the quote. You can click on that and it will take you directly to the quote.
  21. Yes. But the OP was 0 from 40. So therefore something other than hive strength. Even a very weak hive queenless hive will try and make one or two cells. 0 pretty much always means queen in the hive.
  22. Then there is probably a virgin in the cell raiser.
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