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  1. Does this beast have bobbins and if so, how often do you need to refill them. Will it hold large spools of thread. What was approx cost please. Thanks for the video. Trev
  2. Yes, I agree, That is what I meant with how to use them. Strength, Quantity per box, Timing. Etc
  3. I agree, As a moderator I also wear the effects of these snipie posts. I am very passionate about bees and this forum and I try and do my best not to upset people with personal attacks. Unfortunately not everyone has the same opinion. Enjoy the forum folks and let's get back on the straight and narrow. I agree @Alastair. The development of the staples has been a collective idea, However, Phil did come up with the Gib tape and how to put them together. We have a lot to thank Phil for with the development of these staples. Let's not all move on and share our systems of how we all use the staples. That is where I think the next big move will be.
  4. Absolutely, This is why I enjoy the forum. There is plenty of good, friendly advice and it need not cost a fortune to get something done. Like @Alastair wedge system. I have used that system for years but never thought to put it on the forum. Thanks to everyone.
  5. I also tried the vanilla in the water mister. Apart from the water having a nice smell for me, I did not notice any difference in the bees reaction to the water. So, just plain water for me from now on.
  6. Thanks. I will give it a try.
  7. I could not be bothered with reading the whole paper. However I did read the first few paragraphs and decided when I started reading words like "Controversial", I figured my statement about legalities is close enough. You may be into litigation etc (union rep and all) but it is not my ball park that I want to play in. However, When I put up cameras around my place of work, I was informed that i could take pictures (you see examples on Police watch etc most nights) but that it was illegal to sound record. That was enough for me. Why take the risk of invading someone privacy. As I said. This is not my ball park that I want to play in.
  8. Yep. That is exactly what I am doing. It works pretty well. I can even spray my face thru the veil to help cool me down somewhat. How much vanilla essence did you add.
  9. I have been using water mist spray lately. It works pretty well when you are putting the boxes back together and want to move the bees out of the way. Cheaper than liquid smoke also.
  10. You cannot block them from posting on a thread but you can ignore them and you will not see their comments anywhere within the forum. I will leave it up to you to figure out how.
  11. I agree with @yesbut I would prefer your threads to stay open. They have been very informative to those of use who read them with an open mind. The box splitting is particularly helpful, specially to less experienced beekeepers. @Alastair I do not know if you can prevent someone from posting to a thread, but you can certainly block someone so that you cannot see their posts. However, that can make it very disjointed when viewing any thread that that person has posted to. That though only effects the person doing the blocking.
  12. I don't want to kill either thread. I just want them toned down. Let's see how it goes. Thanks
  13. C'mon @Alastair and @Philbee Let's tone it done a bit. Everyone is getting rather tired of these personal attacks. If the only way you can communicate is by constant swipes at each other then the moderators will take some direct action. You are both to blame, so please don't point at each other. I have given a lot of tolerance to this thread but I can close it and then delete the thread so all information will be lost. Your thread also @Alastair Sorry for the heavy hand but I have more things to do than police the kindergarten play yard.
  14. You need a hot/warm room for the honey and some agitator system (pricker at extraction time. Very difficult with thick honeys without the proper extraction equipment.
  15. It is certainly against the law to record verbal stuff without the person being recorded being informed. Photo images of course are fair game.
  16. I use Hickory wedges in the same manner. The wedges are 40mm wide and about 60mm long. 15mm at the shoulder. They are light and I carry them in my pocket. I like using wedges. Thanks @Alastair
  17. I hope you have a permit. But really why bother.
  18. Yes, I agree. There is no reason to put up with a bunch of Grumpy Sheilas. Petrol sounds a bit over the top. But then it is effective.
  19. So, immediately a comment is made and the head above the parapet is shot at. Consistent at least.
  20. Sad, but True. I have also heard similar comments. That is why I don't comment very often now days. Such a pity really as this forum could be a so much more valuable resource.
  21. Who? You or me. I am betting it's me. I don't have a fire. I prefer to burn Hydrocarbons. They also jam up the drains in the city, and the jam in the lawn mower. And you cannot compost the jolly things
  22. Yes. I was using the Pams cloths that you popularised. I found they were very effective, however the Gib Tape is easier to use. Just my opinion.
  23. Thanks for the positive feedback. I love your lateral thinking. Dec 2018. I accept the tolerance has changed a bit since then 10 mites per 300 bees was accepted as the threshold now it is 3 per 300 bees.
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