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  1. Yes. But the part of closer the better still applies
  2. I read somewhere that trials were done on the positive/deficit of distance for nectar. I think it was 11 km, at which point the bees use more resources than they harvest and the hive will deplete itself. So, as @tristan said. The closer the better.
  3. I have moved all the Queen Marking posts to a new thread. Thanks for your understanding.
  4. Do you mark your queens. What marker or paint etc do you use. Why do you mark your queens. How do you mark your queens. Here is my video to get us started.
  5. Thanks @Alastair that is perfect. I can build them from that information.
  6. Looks great @Alastair Would you be kind enough to post the dimensions of the bellows. I think I will make a couple. Great setup. Thanks
  7. Yes. But once you borrow his one. Then you will not have a problem with your (his) smoker.
  8. All good @Dennis Crowley I will put my shotgun away.
  9. Borrow it permanently from the back of his truck
  10. Then take it off line and discuss it there. There would appear to be too many crossed opinions on here to have a rational discussion.
  11. Go to a Mattress manufacturer. We have "The Bed Barn" down here. If you don't have any luck. Let me know and I will get you some.
  12. I just got notification of my propolis extraction yesterday. Almost $600 so better than a slap around the ears with a dead fish. So I am happy again Best wishes @Gino de Graaf
  13. OK team. Let's keep this civil. This thread has been invaluable to a lot of people. Let's not continue calling names and talk to each other as adults. I am watching and will remove posts along with give warnings.
  14. Sure. I understand that. However, if someone makes a claim that they can grow varroa resistant bees and then sell them for ridiculous prices then they should be prepared to answer questions and also provider a back up warranty
  15. To be fair. @Alastair only asked questions that the unnamed person would not answer and subsequently left the forum.
  16. At least you were talking about fresh unwashed socks.
  17. Click on their avatar and their emails should be in their personal details.
  18. Before they desicate, Yes they will show the pupal tongue. However, once they desiccate the tongue usually disappears and scale is very difficult to see. However, to make the scale easier to see, you can look from the top bar towards the lower lip of the cell. You can then see the scale in the lower cell face/edge. Also you can use an Ultraviolet light and this will then make the scale fluoresce. We had a demo of this at our SNI Beekeeping meeting last week.
  19. A rob out is when a hive has died of AFB and there are no stores left in the hive. Usually the cells are damaged as in a normal rob out. Scale may or may not be in the frames, it depends on how long it has been dried for. It takes a fair while for the grubs to descciate. Yes, any dead grub will still be in the cells as they are stuck to the cell wall. There will usually be old capped cells with AFB larvae under the caps. These later dry out (desiccate).
  20. And this is the service they expect us to put up with. I have pulled all my mats and now I will not be collecting any. Just a big waste of time and effort. I can make much better use of the extra wax that is attached to the hive mat.
  21. Hi @Colorado_Chris. I am in Palmerston North, Manawatu. Lower North Island. I am happy for you to call in if you are near us and talk/show you some bees. Click on my profile and you will see my cell phone and email address. Cheers. Trev
  22. Thanks @Jacob So pretty much I had the correct answer. I just wanted it clarified. Great service.
  23. I can't remember all the details. Our man from Analytica should be along and comment @Jacob
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