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  1. Not you @Alastair. @tristan has replied with the appropriate suggesting of a correct deck mounting and the reasons for the said suggestions.
  2. Yeah Right!. Even I made videos, so they must be correct also.
  3. There are eggs in those notches. So there is a laying queen in that hive.
  4. Good point @Alastair. However, in the video it says to go for eggs. I agree with you, however the video is a great example of the technique.
  5. Practice on drones is the easiest way. No damage done if you make a mistake. Us drones are expendable.
  6. I would not swap them around until the virgin is mated and laying with capped brood. Too many things to go wrong otherwise. You could end up with 2 x queenless hives.
  7. Because of no foundation I would leave it for a week before checking.
  8. When I do the notching I mark the frame where I have done the notches. First I mark the top of the bar so I know which frame it is. Then I put a mark on the side of the bar directly above the notch. The mark I make is either top, middle or bottom of the top bar so I know approximately where the notch is. I then kill any queen cells that are not in my notch area. There is variations on this marking to make it easier or better for your individual requirements
  9. Here is notching explained in video format. And part 2. A bit slow a long winded, But you get the message.
  10. Never underestimate the bees ability to spoil your best laid plans.
  11. I like to have the beekeeper there to watch what I am doing and so that i can explain why I do things and what I am seeing. I like to think that the beekeeper gets a lesson at the same time. I reckon it is slower if the beekeeper helps as I am able to do it my way a lot quicker and easier.
  12. Has anyone seen or worked with one of these. Why someone would want to put a top bar hive on a 45 deg angle and think this is a good idea is beyond me. However, I am sure there will be people out there who think this is the greatest beehive ever invented. Imagine trying to extract the honey from these frames. Plenty of other videos on Youtube if you want more details. I believe they are crowd funding for this.
  13. Have a look at my video At around 2.30 minute mark you will see how to move the base forward to the full open position.
  14. Welcome to the forum @ThatBeeGuy. I hope you can get an answer to this but I don't hold out much luck. Yes, you would think that commercials would carry at least 1 epipen per vehicle.
  15. They will be able to ask for another full and final settlement. $21.6 m is a lot of money to lose in the honey industry.
  16. Always not enough room in the brood box. Honey box will also help, but the queen has run out of laying space.
  17. OK. My bad. I suggest you have a lack of room in your hive. Also get rid of your entrance reducers.
  18. What is that a photo of. It looks like bees on a garden edging. Not enough detail to know anything about the hive.
  19. And Frank still gets lost in his own house.
  20. And it almost cost Crumpie a new chainsaw. Priceless
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