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  1. Can coarse grained honey be made fine grain?

    Keep well my friend. Good to hear that you have completed that phase.
  2. Document Understanding the risks associated with tutin 2017

    Ok.so we are just going around in circles. It is no wonder nothing gets done or answered. Why not get someone who has the knowledge to answer the questions rather than have this roundabout. We are paying for a consultant (Apinz and MPI) to promote something and the consultant cannot answer the questions. I think this is just an exercise in time wasting.
  3. Document Understanding the risks associated with tutin 2017

    Why cannot questions be answered right away. In today's world of modern communications we are all looking for instant replies. Nothing has been asked here that requires a committee to reply to. For starters. One of the earlier questions that has not been replied to.Who are you please. So that we at least know who we are talking to.
  4. Hippo Head - Diagnosis

    I have read somewhere that you can put formic on top of stored supers to keep wax moth at bay. I cannot remember quantity or %.
  5. Hippo Head - Diagnosis

  6. NZBF Queen less?

    Current going rate for bees is $350.00 to $450.00 for 5 frame NUC. That is the way of life. That part is up to the bee keeper. Bees don't just die because they are tired of living.
  7. What are bees foraging on 2017/18 season

    Linden (lime) do not fruit and are huge trees. So, yes, I believe it is a Linden (lime) tree. Lime (citrus) is a completely different tree.
  8. Cheapest and best frames in nz

    PVC or plastic is always a problem to cut. Irwin blades are pretty good quality.
  9. Document Understanding the risks associated with tutin 2017

    So, it does a lot of good then.
  10. Document Understanding the risks associated with tutin 2017

    Bet you $1.00 that you will not get a reply @Rob Stockley , @ApiNZ_tutin . They certainly did not reply last season.
  11. Hive Doctor Corflute Nuc boxes

    Ok. But each to their own. Some people think they are fantastic. Others not so keen. I go thru a lot of them as I use then for selling NUCs. I have taken different colonies thru summer and winter with success. Everyone must do there own tests for this type of product, Just like mini mating NUC's
  12. Whats your opinion on the Ceracell polystyrene mating nuc?

    Give the bees swimming lessons. Failing that, Put some flotation material in the feeder.
  13. Hive Doctor Corflute Nuc boxes

    Yes, they can. They are UV stabilized and can last for 2 or 3 years. Not that I would recommend that as the colony should be a bit large by then.
  14. Normal Bearding?

    And what about the entrance at the back that you create when you move the box back by 30mm. So that makes 3 entrances. Not a bright idea in my opinion.