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  1. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Well, all the sample bees are dead, so I would say 100% accurate.
  2. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    I think you are dreaming, if you think a change in Govt will change manager/directors mind sets.
  3. Queen cells - Kapiti

    Unbelievable that someone who wants as many as 40 queens, does not know about queen cells.
  4. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    There is no way I will ever use an Ipad
  5. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    I use a PC, so that option does not work. Thanks anyway.
  6. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    Pity you did not paste it the right way around.
  7. Side nails are great. It is easier to nail from the top. I also always use glue and nails on my frames.
  8. Could be side nails. Many books recommend that.
  9. Which to buy - Jenter or Nicot

    Do you recycle/ reuse plastic cups.
  10. Queen cells - Kapiti

    Maybe there is a virgin in there. Put another frame of eggs in every 10 days
  11. how long for swarm queen to lay again

    Yes. Extensive discussions about it on this forum
  12. What's happened to these swarms?

    In that case, it was very difficult. And it was not how I described her to my wife.
  13. What's happened to these swarms?

    Yep. I have had that myself last season. Lady called me and then when I got there she told me she had set a fire under the bees. Sprayed petrol on them, sprayed fly spray on them and then called me to save them. As you can understand I was a tad short with my comments.
  14. NZBF Mixing apivar and bayvarol strips

    Hi everyone. Please keep this thread on track. I have put a special watch on it by moderators. If there are any more instances of personal attacks then this thread will be locked. I know it is a beginners thread and everyone , including the beginner should cool things down. If a poster has to resort to personal attacks on another poster then I am afraid you lose the argument. Play nice people.
  15. how long for swarm queen to lay again

    No. I always put swarms on new foundation. They will build some cells for the queen to lay in within 48 hours. So the old queen can lay almost as soon as the first cells are made. A virgin can get out and mate and then start laying within 14 days and sometimes less.