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  1. Yep. I use Paradise 6 frame NUC boxes. I cut them down to 3/4 and I love them. I use them as either 2 x 3 frame or 1 x 6 frame. I also have spare boxes so that i can super them up if needed.
  2. Yes, they can be painted. Yes you can cut them down on a standard saw bench.
  3. Absolutely. It was a travesty. The military and govt officials lied and would not release information. A huge case of butt covering. It is a terrible story of big brother power and shifting the blame.
  4. Sounds about right. That is medical grade. A bit more than $20.00/ kg
  5. Yes. It is just a misleading number, To make the customers think they are buying some high factor honey.
  6. Yes. The Berryman case. It destroyed them and more than just financially.
  7. Sure to be MGO 40 You will not find UMF 40 on Pak N Slave shelves for $9.50
  8. Please explain why only Demark has done anything when the rest of Europe carries on regardless. There is no way I would allow my apiaries to be publically broadcast on some cell phone app.
  9. Thanks @frazzledfozzle Looks good.
  10. Please turn off the bold print. It looks like you are shouting at people. Just my interpretation Thanks
  11. You both need to be donors to the site for starters.
  12. Last month of winter. Spring is just around the corner and the new bee season is starting. Best wishes for the season folks.
  13. I did a video with it here. I found it pretty good. and on another test it gave a negative on a PMS frame.
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