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  1. Join your local Bee club. They will sell bees at the right time.
  2. Where are the photos. All this romance and no photos of the Camo Kubota or the view from the top.
  3. Nah. Nothing polite. I don't have anything to do with Manuka, so I have not studied it very much. However, every manuka honey produce I talk to has the same opinion as @frazzledfozzle and @john berry. It is too difficult for me to get my head around. And also to difficult for MPI to fix a huge screw up. However, beekeepers, buyers and exporters have only got themselves to blame, with all the blending etc.
  4. Certainly are versatile. I use my top feeder rims as eke spacers.
  5. Just finished all my winter rounds and very few drones left in the hives other than one hive where the queen had turned drone layer.
  6. Thanks @john berry You have just dug the hole even deeper for me.😂
  7. No worry. There are about 120 of them so you can be forgiven. In future. Go to youtube Type in Trevs Bees then a catch word in this case CO2 or Alcohol wash). That way you will only get my video of what you are looking for.
  8. Here is Alcohol wash. And this one is CO2 wash.
  9. This was purely to survey the Commodity Levy failure. Also our first attempt at using Survey Monkey. We also left enough space to free form your answers. Or at least that is what we tried. We will be running a few more of these to see what the bee industry wants us to do and the direction you want to take our group. We want to be lead by the beekeepers and not dictate to the beekeepers on what we think. Any and all feedback is useful. Thanks you for doing the survey.
  10. Survey Monkey. Our SNIBG Inc has decided to do a survey on the outcome of the ApiNZ Commodity Levy to see what the feedback is from beekeepers and to see if there is a way forward. Below is a copy of the letter that we have sent to all out members with a link to Survey Monkey. You can only do this survey once and it should only take about 5 minutes. (Please feel free to take longer if you wish). Thanks everyone for your anticipated assistance. Trev. Dear Fellow Beekeepers, It was fantastic to see so many of you at our Southern North Island Beekeeping Group Inc. (Hereafter abbreviated to SNIBG) March Field day. We had over 100 members attend. Many of you were concerned to learn more about ApiNZ’s Levy defeat, and what we as a group wanted to see happen next. Following the subsequent committee meeting, we have agreed that it is important to take a pause and to ask our members and the wider industry how they feel about a levy and about the defeated ApiNZ proposal. We wish to understand why the community responded to the ApiNZ levy proposal as it did; to understand what our industry believes are the most important issues facing Apiculture and how we as a community should be reacting. In order to gather everybody’s thoughts in a fair and balanced way we have created an online survey. Whilst we recognise that some of us have a reluctance to click on links from unsolicited emails this method is the only practical, timely, financially responsible way for us to be able to undertake a survey of this kind. Please be assured that at no time is any of your data shared outside of the organisation. Participants data will not be shared or stored by SNIBG. We will not upload any contacts or personal information in creating the survey. The individual survey responses will be treated with absolute confidentiality and individual data is not accessible by anyone in either the industry nor the club. Access to the survey is solely by an individual club member; A hobbyist with a background in advocacy. Please be assured that the Survey monkey website that we have chosen is a well established website with a reputation for security and excellence in data handling. We hope to receive as many responses as possible so that we can be sure that we continue to understand your thoughts and feelings on the levy. You can participate by clicking here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LYPCRJW We plan to keep the survey open for two weeks but hope that you will feel able to take part as soon as possible. We look forward to sharing the results with you all both in the SNIBG newsletter and in the form of a report which we will send out to all supporting groups. Thank you for your time and support. Best wishes Gary Sinkinson, Chair, Southern North Island Beekeeping
  11. Also. Not telling you how to suck eggs. But, How many strips per brood box did you use. What is the time period the strips were in. Did you move the strips during treatment. Sorry. Just trying to get the picture.
  12. Bayvarol and Apistan are the same chemical product. You would be better to use Apivar or Apitraz. This is a different chemical group
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