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  1. Yes. That is about right. You don't need 100% accuracy just as long as the results are consistent. Then you have a pretty close idea on the maturity of the honey.
  2. Extra virgin olive oil is 26.5% (As per Dr Karyn Rogers) at Wanganui conference. You do not use the little glass thingy with the olive oil. Just do a normal moisture test.
  3. You can only do private messaging on this site if both parties donate to this site. However it is possible to get individual emails from personal profile details. I will leave you to work that out.
  4. At this time of the year. All day. Summer time. maybe 30 minutes.
  5. I use a match stick or if no one is looking, then the hive tool or my finger works pretty well.
  6. Welcome along @Jaspah. It is illegal to import bee products into New Zealand so I would suggest that the answer will be No. Have you tried to contact Arataki direct. Maybe @john berry can clarify this.
  7. I can still hope to get a coffee with you sometime. Sounds like you are going to be pretty busy. I will be spending a fair bit of my time on the Ecrotek stand.
  8. Sort of. There is a small piece of glass with the kit. One side is sandblasted. Put a little (1 drop) of dioptic oil on that side. The put the glass oiled/sandblaster side down onto the plate. Then you can check and adjust the reading to the graduation line. That is the line off to the side and just above the 78 mark on the unit shown. I only check mine at the start of each harvest season.
  9. All good. Let me know if you have any difficulty. @Dave Black told me how to get mine running correctly.
  10. Have a look at this Documentary. 36 minutes long and I think a pretty good article.
  11. Are you going to Conference, I will be there and if so I will tell you how to do the adjustment etc.
  12. Yes. I am sure he was. I actually have a lot of respect for @Dennis Crowley even if we have locked horns a couple of times on this forum. But what a boring old life it would be if we all agreed on everything. I am sure we will meet up at the conference, have a coffee and a chin wag. You also @JohnF . Will you be having a stand at the conference as i would also like to catch up with you.
  13. Exactly what I have got. Works fantastic.
  14. Please note @Dennis Crowley that I only responded to a question on what the cost was to go to the Conference. And I posted a link to all the registration costs. I only quoted 1 of about 10 possibilities. I understand about the cost of running such a convention, specially when an outside agency is bought in to run the event which had previous to Rotorua been run by volunteers. As per membership. I don't think I will be paying $115.00 per year as a hobbyist with 25 plus hives. Thanks for the invite. I will see you at the Conference.
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