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  1. Also, after the feelings that were generated with the last levy proposal, I have my doubts that it would get over the line. It would need to be a completely independent body that is not controlled by any of the current beekeeping groups. There is just too much distrust and bad feelings. IMHO. For the record again. I would like to see some sort of research levy.
  2. I agree @Don Mac. It is like all the discovery programs all have to throw in the Climate Change argument. I would have loved to have seen the Levy. However, with the down turn in the buying/selling of honey in the last 12 months, I am not sure how many beeks would have been happy with paying the levy and not being able to sell the honey. And Yes I am concerned about the neonic problems.
  3. Potus. President Of The United States. Well, a little stir up it is. @Dennis Crowley I was not on the Committee or organisation that decided we needed a "Levy". Nor did I set the rules by which we would vote on it. Nor did I decide who who vote on it. Our SNI Beekeeping Group, carried out a Survey Monkey poll to see why people voted the way they did. ApiNZ stated that the Levy was rejected because of the downturn of the industry. Our Survey Monkey results showed us that the vast majority of respondents wanted the Levy. However, they voted against it because they did not want to be forced into joining and paying funds into ApiNZ. I am sorry if the OF has been side tracked but the OP put in the bit about wanting a Levy.
  4. Let's not get into a personal slanging match. What is done is done. I don't want to stir up the past. It was done for me.
  5. Thanks @Don Mac I am sure you have got a lot of people taking some notice of this and the procedures that have been followed. Once again. Wonderful work. Thanks
  6. Great article and research. It is such a pity that this (the Levy ) needs to be kept being bought up. A bit like the Democrats cannot get over the fact that Trump is POTUS and they cannot figure out why.
  7. Well done on the capture: 1. No, do not add brood. The bees are already to start there own hive. 2. Replace the queen before the end of February. 3. Yes, Any location is good. 4. The swarm queen should be laying in about 4 days. (check for eggs) 5. The hive that swarmed could be 2 weeks to lay. leave it alone for 3 weeks. 6. Only put the swarm on raw foundation. But not so important if it your own hive that swarmed. Best wishes.
  8. Easy pink cat. He is a Newbee and this is the beginners Forum
  9. Hi Phil. Welcome. Agree with above. 1. Stop feeding. The swarm will not need it. 2. Stop moving the hive. You don't move your house every day and the bees don't like to move locations every day. 3. Well done on getting registered. 4. Get yourself a smoker and bee suit very quickly. Nothing worse than getting smacked over by a bunch of grumpy sheilas.
  10. Girls. They think it is a horizontal tree. If they read the map correctly they would find they should of held the paper vertically.
  11. To be fair. Duncan has stepped up to the mark pretty quick. For a Government Agency, I think he has done very well. I am sure his predecessor would not have stepped up. Look how he treated us over the Tutin levels and NP1 etc. Our SNI Group got the drop on this because we invited Duncan to our Spring Field day and got him to do a presentation for us on Honey standards (NP1 etc) A very nice guy as I have said before. It will be interesting to see how this follows thru.
  12. Yes. I agree. MH supplied my first few mats. Now you have to buy your own. It was in my contract that they would supply 2 per hive. Also in my contract they said they would pay freight both ways. Now, because I am a small supplier, I have to freight them myself. Then wait at least 3 months before they extract them. Then wait for the money to turn up. The service has got worse and worse, as has the $$ return. I bought a heap of mats myself, so i don't think the mats belong to MH any more, and I cannot be bothered with all the hassle for very little return.
  13. Yes. We got this email from Duncan Lash today. Thanks to everyone who responded to my OP. Action and emails can work and you can actually talk with Duncan. He is a reasonable guy who does listen. Trev Hi Allan Thank you for your recent help circulating an email reminding beekeepers of the need to relist with MPI to keep their export eligibility current. We had some questions come back to us on the listing – please see below in case any of your members contact you. Thanks, Duncan. Questions 1. Why has the relisting fee increased to $155? 2. Why have some beekeepers not received reminders? In answer to one, this was a case of overcharging on MPI’s behalf. A follow up letter will be circulated today to any beekeepers who were affected with two options – either to send bank details to MPI so they can be refunded, or to remain on the beekeeper list for 24 months instead of 12. The AP14 form is currently being updated with the renewal fee of $77.63 (inclusive of GST) – note that in future renewals can simply be an email notification to MPI and form AP14 will not need to be completed. However, beekeepers will still be required to submit payment and these details will be included in the renewal reminder letter that they will receive 1 month prior to expiry. It’s not clear why some beekeepers may not have received a reminder. We are able to trace whether a reminder letter was sent though. We encourage all your beekeeper members to keep their contact details up to date with MPI. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions. Thanks, Duncan. Duncan Lash | Specialist Adviser, Production & Processing New Zealand Food Safety - Haumaru Kai Aotearoa Ministry for Primary Industries - Manatū Ahu Matua | Pastoral House 25 The Terrace | PO Box 2526 | Wellington 6140 | New Zealand Telephone: 64-4-894 3440 | Web: www.mpi.govt.nz __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This email message and any attachment(s) is intended solely for the addressee(s) named above. The information it contains may be classified and may be legally privileged. Unauthorised use of the message, or the information it contains, may be unlawful. If you have received this message by mistake please call the sender immediately on 64 4 8940100 or notify us by return email and erase the original message and attachments. Thank you. The Ministry for Primary Industries accepts no responsibility for changes made to this email or to any attachments after transmission from the office.
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