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  1. @ChrisM I am not sure what your grip is but the OP had nothing to do with ApiNZ or the Api Levy. If you want to have a gripe at ApiNZ, then start another thread and do so there. There is no need to open old wounds in this thread. I started this thread to raise awareness of a great asset that is online and hopefully soon to do be issued to all beekeepers. In this case I also support @Dennis Crowley in his replies. Thanks Dennis.
  2. That is very clever. Go BoJo. Leave the EU before Christmas
  3. Maybe she is a spy, put in their by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.
  4. I am a bit north of you age wise. So I understand. What was the question again
  5. Yes. That is what I said in the OP. Well done if you have downloaded it.
  6. However, Not everyone is as experienced as you and I and having a visual aid would be very helpful. Not really. They only have a certain amount of money in the bucket, and each department can only do projects that are approved. I am not sure of the exact figure, by the Pathogen project cost about $1.5 M over 3 years. All that money got spent. MBovis is costing a big bucket of money. This labour government is not overly keen on farmers and are not overly prepared to just throw more money into the pot. (My own thoughts and feelings on this line)
  7. That is why they are asking for funding so that this can get sent to every registered beekeeper. Getting commercial sponsorship would be difficult in this current environment.
  8. Yes. They can do that. No problem. However, the cost is in the production of the booket. (I also got a real copy as part of the trial) It is a water proof, plastic coated paper with a clip ring in the top corner. The pages are virtually indestructible as they need to be able to be thrown about abit with travel in vehicle and could get covered in honey etc and then need cleaning. It would appear to be very expensive to produce for every beekeeper.
  9. I Received this Bee Biosecurity Visual ID Guide from Hayley at MPI. I have been involved with Hayley as part of the MPI Pathogen Project and this little booklet has been produced as part of that project. The booklet can be downloaded onto your portable device and does not require internet access once downloaded. Feel free to print it out I you want. MPI is currently seeking fundinging so that every registered beekeeper (in NZ) can be issued with a copy. https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/dmsdocument/36975/direct
  10. Come on people. Cut all this rubbish about honeys from this thread. It is supposed to be about Oxalic Acid and Glycerine. Any more such post and I will start to dish out warnings. I will also hide these post and will not move them. Beware.
  11. Is that extraordinary good or extraordinary bad. Then you say you have not run out of supers, so I presume extraordinary bad.
  12. Is it the Argentine ants. They are the only ones that I know of the really go into the beehive itself. http://www.pestworld.org/media/561604/argentine-ant-2-no-text.jpg They are a real problem. I have no experience with them at all.
  13. Sorry. But I think you will have to move the bees. The problem or the house owners are not going to go away. Not easy to fix.
  14. Beautiful day here in Manawatu. A little draughty but nothing to slow the hives down at all. The rain yesterday pretty much missed us totally. Nice and green here but will burn off soon if we don't get some rain.
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