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  1. beehive price tracking

    Just splash out and buy a new setup. As soon as you use it, it will be second hand anyway. Go for new with all the latest gizmos and warranties.
  2. NZBF bees not using the super

    Take the super off. 1 single FD will survive the Auckland winter.
  3. Please, What insect is this.

    Thanks for that. Amazing little creature.
  4. Please, What insect is this.

    Hi. I have had someone ask me to help identify this insect. Looks somewhat like a paper wasp but the colouring is wrong and shape note quite right. There are a heap of them over their lawn. The insects are not aggressive. They have small children and animals and don't want anyone to get hurt. Thanks
  5. NZBF Reaction to Honey

    What does that mean for us non medical people.
  6. Organic beekeepers required

    Hi folks. Just a little note that we need to be careful here and that the moderators are watching. Everything is ok at present but just be mindful of what is said here. Thanks.
  7. Queen bee laying eggs after mating

    But not after she starts to lay.
  8. Apivar strips

    Not sure where you buy your Bayvarol. All bayvarol is packed (4 strips) per Ali foil per pack, then 5 packs are put into a 5 pack cardboard. I resell strip (to club members) for our bee club and we buy our strips in 1000 packs (of 4 ali wrapped strips) in a large cardboard box. That is easy to deal with. but what to do with all the individual wrappers and of course the strips afterwards.
  9. Varroa control for beginner Beekeepers

    It says on the packet that bayvarol can be used in an emergency. Do you want to eat the chemical ??
  10. Oxalic and glycerine

    I see you have 2 rolls of tape. Are you sewing the 3 layers together down the center to give a better surface area.
  11. Varroa control for beginner Beekeepers

    I am sure you are correct. I know a few that have strips in their hives year round. And usually just Bayvarol. So sad, but true.
  12. February 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    No. Use 2:1 syrup. 2 sugar : 1 of Water. if you need to.
  13. What are bees foraging on 2017/18 season

    Giant Willow Aphid. I have not seen any around my hives thankfully.
  14. Varroa control for beginner Beekeepers

    Yes. But common practice does not make it lawful.
  15. NZBF Bees Fighting

    Horrid idea. The invaders will kill a small nuc pretty quick.