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  1. Yes. I put it into the realms of Sunblock. We are lead to believe that the higher the number the better the product. That same conditioning is being used in the marketing of honey. I think this is very slightly underhand.
  2. Yes. Teresa managed to get right around on her travel scoot. Track is a bit rough. We could only manage to the water tank on the summit track
  3. I am in Tauranga. Pretty crappy place. Main st has 1/2 the shops closed. Very depressing. Mt Maunganui is very busy. We are visiting friends.
  4. No thanks. North Island water is far superior. Just kidding. My wife and I are on holiday in BOP
  5. Nah. Not asleep. My wife and I are travelling around the country again. In Bay of Plenty at present. We have had a few days in Mt Maunganui and are now in Tauranga. Not sure when we are heading home as we are just winging it
  6. Yes. Flamin English. I will modify my post so that yours looks silly.
  7. Mine is 40 lt. A very good unit. I do not regret buying it. It has more than paid for itself in recovered wax
  8. What? That @David Yanke mind is blank or he is grumpy.
  9. That has nothing to do with the RMP permit that @olbe is talking about.
  10. Sorry, not trying to be personal with my comment. I guess you have done the sums to make it viable. I hope you have a buyer lined up. Best wishes.
  11. Well, put it this way. I am not silly enough to pay over $100/month/drum for RMP storage.
  12. Well thought out as usual @ChrisM
  13. Well said @Alastair. That is also why I cannot support NZ Beekeeping Inc. Unfortunately, anything that AFBPMP do is seen as ApiNZ and therefore get's the big stick treatment. Also too many old buddy buddy actions.
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