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  1. I don't think so. Most of the available workforce do not want to work. However, I get your point, but this pandemic will not last long enough for the current plantings to be bearing fruit.
  2. That may have been what has caused the robbing. I would certainly not feed until just on dusk. Were the bees robbing before you started to feed. What type of feeders are you using
  3. It is a powdered supplement like FeedBee or such. It is quite common overseas to open feed this and even syrup. Real dumb idea to open feed bees.
  4. When I was out walking yesterday, I noticed a pohutukawa in full flower. I did not see any bees on it. Really screwed up season in Manawatu.
  5. Eventually. Make take a few years. My 400 rolls of Jumbo toilet paper should get me thru to 2030. lol
  6. Thanks for that. Our SNI Group is looking into such software.
  7. Fantastic. Well done. What is the cost for goto meeting software and use.
  8. I am just saying to read the instructions on the screen. The shift click works far faster than the + button 3 times then 3 time then 3 times.
  9. Yes. This could have very far reaching ongoing effects.
  10. I don't know why people find Apiweb maps so hard and slow to use. If you follow the prompt at the top of the map it says to hold the shift key and use your pointer to select the area wanted Hold Shift and drag pointer to identify zoom location This will allow you to zoom into a very close image very quickly.
  11. Nah. Just counts as one post. This was bought in a long time ago to stop people chasing number of posts by posting multiple one line posts.
  12. Talk to your accountant. They need to apply for you. My daughter did this for her cafe business and she had the money with 24 hours.
  13. Yep. That sounds about right. Sounds like responsible operators
  14. Yes you can deliver. You are part of the food chain. You can still maintain separation distances when you do the delivery.
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