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  1. That is probably the best scales system that I have seen. Simple and effective.
  2. Try Lion Apiaries in Auckland. Great queens and very quick service. They can get queens to you overnight. You may just need to get them sent to the nearest depot close to you. Or maybe @Maggie James can assist you.
  3. Not you @Alastair. @tristan has replied with the appropriate suggesting of a correct deck mounting and the reasons for the said suggestions.
  4. Open it up to full width. You video link does not work.
  5. Yeah Right!. Even I made videos, so they must be correct also.
  6. There are eggs in those notches. So there is a laying queen in that hive.
  7. Good point @Alastair. However, in the video it says to go for eggs. I agree with you, however the video is a great example of the technique.
  8. Practice on drones is the easiest way. No damage done if you make a mistake. Us drones are expendable.
  9. I would not swap them around until the virgin is mated and laying with capped brood. Too many things to go wrong otherwise. You could end up with 2 x queenless hives.
  10. Because of no foundation I would leave it for a week before checking.
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