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  1. Sounds about right for the life we live today. Look at the Democrats blaming Donald Trump for their errors.
  2. Great news @Keith Rodie Thanks for the update.
  3. Apiary diaries are open to any topic. If someone want to talk about swimming or fishing or the weather or climate change, then that is all good in this thread.
  4. Sorry to hear Keith. Blasted scum.
  5. Well, The climate in Manawatu has changed again. A lovely warm day yesterday with barely a cloud in the sky and no wind. Today, Rain since about midnight and heavy cloud cover. Hopefully the climate will change again tomorrow and warm up a bit so that the bees can work the clover.
  6. Sorry @Maggie James. I phrased that statement badly. I meant to say that we should all do our own thinking. It annoys me when people accuse people of things when they don't agree with each other. The trouble today is that everyone wants to take offence about every comment that is made. Specially Keyboard warriors. Once again. Sorry Maggie. I was meaning collective "you" not individual "you"
  7. Definitely not, I am saying you need to do some serious thinking yourself. And don't call every one who does not agree with you an idiot. I don't care if you believe in Climate change or not. I just get sick of everyone trying to tell me what to believe.
  8. When I was going to schools in the 50's and 60's we were told that we were facing a new Ice age and we we all going to die. science is is undeniable. At the same time the French were blowing up nuclear bombs on and above Mururoa Atoll and we we all going to die. science is is undeniable. Then in the 80's and 90's we were going to run out of oil, and we we all going to die. science is is undeniable. Remember carless days. In the 80' plus we had the hole in the Ozone layer and if we did not change we were going to get fried to death and we we all going to die. science is is undeniable. However the Ozone hole repaired itself once Mt Erebus stopped erupting then the hole disappeared. In the late 1990's we were told the worlds computers were going to shut down in 2000 and we we all going to die. science is is undeniable. Then come the climate warming alarmist around 2000 and if we did not change we would be in runaway climate warming and we we all going to die. science is is undeniable. However, we actually got a little cooling of temperatures (NASA records). So the Alarmists then changed the name to Climate Change and we we all going to die. science is is undeniable. However, the earth's climate has changed for the last however many billions of years the earth has been in existence. So if you want to live a life where you are always looking your shoulder on what might kill you, then carry on and be a Doomsayer. I prefer to live a life of looking forward and wondering what my God will reward me with today.
  9. No. Certainly not. I base my decisions on the facts that I see and how those decision will affect me and those around me. % of opinions one way or the other never come into it. Personally, I would like to see a cleaner, neater, tidier and more caring world. But I do not see how a bunch or activists flying in private jets to a climate conference or a young girl who sails around in a $10M boat and flies first class and then screams at the world are going to lend any credibility to the climate change argument. And let's also get it right. A couple of years ago everyone was screaming Global Warming. Now the mantra is Climate Change. Ask yourself why they had to change the mantra.
  10. Thanks @Ted 100% correct. maybe it was their cows passing methane.
  11. Sure the Climate has always changed. It is the reason for the change (anthropogenic or natural) and whether recycling plastic will save the planet. Obviously, living without fossil fuel did not save Neanderthals. Maybe if they had fossil fuels, cars, housing and hospitals and medicines they would still be alive today. But Climate Change gets the blame. Based on what??
  12. Remember that Darwin was a solo scientist. His theories are now widely accepted. But still not fully proven. He was less than 3%.
  13. Yes. And that is on both sides of the fence. I just don't believe science is proven (either way) by consensus. Science is meant to be done by proof. That is why we all believe in gravity. It is proven. Anthropogenic climate change has scientists in both corners. Both cannot be correct.
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