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  1. Trevor Gillbanks

    Herbicide contamination

    It was unauthorised advertising, Not spam as such. Your question is valid.
  2. Trevor Gillbanks

    AFB Proposed Levy Increase

    Agreed. And the links only take you to the original proposal.
  3. Trevor Gillbanks

    The queen that fell to earth

    No. They mate on the ground
  4. Trevor Gillbanks

    Honey Price Collapse

    If I remember correctly. "I have a plan so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel" At least that is how I remember it.
  5. Trevor Gillbanks

    Honey Price Collapse

    No, It was a weasel.
  6. Trevor Gillbanks

    Re-using Queen cell cups when grafting

    I reuse them. No problems.
  7. Trevor Gillbanks


    Mine is made by Huawai and it has the chip in it. The non chipped ones are a lot more expensive. It was stated so on the box. Just kidding. As @Alastair said. Make sure you buy one with the calibrating oil, Or you can use Virgin Olive oil (But I can't remember the %)
  8. Trevor Gillbanks

    NZBF Bees not using escape

    Small 6g x10 mm long screws or pop rivets.
  9. Trevor Gillbanks


    I bought a budget one from aliexpress and i have checked it against other NZ expensive ones. Mine came out with the same readings. Getting it graduated correctly is the big factor.
  10. Trevor Gillbanks

    Cow farmers AFB moment

    How can you say Intelligent Reasoning and IRD in the same post.
  11. Trevor Gillbanks

    NZBF Bees not using escape

    Those porter escape are not overly good. 4 per board are required for efficient clearing. I have got rid of all my Porter escapes. I like these https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/8-way-round-escape-bare
  12. Trevor Gillbanks

    NZBF Bees not using escape

    Is there any brood in the supers. That will stop the bees leaving.
  13. Trevor Gillbanks


    100% revenue gathering. They will pretend other things but always follow the money.
  14. Trevor Gillbanks

    DocumentOA/GL Forum Summary 1/12/18

    Yes. Thanks for your efforts.
  15. Trevor Gillbanks

    NZBF Sick hives, what next?

    Too late. They are gone burgers.