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  1. Hi again Tristan Ooh ok, I missed that memo. Makes sense about treating the extracted frames as the outside of the hive. So should I have put the top feeder (where I've placed the cappings after draining) between the brood boxes and the supers? And should I do this now with hopes they will bring that nectar down to brood box/hive? Hmm perhaps I have I completely misunderstood the term 'wets'? I thought they were referring to the extracted frames.. >.< I guess I just need to know if it's ok to remove my super 'boxes' and store them away with the extracted frames containing the new nectar in a rubbish bag over winter as I am keen to bring my hive down to the two brood boxes to treat for mites soon. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I extracted honey for the first time last week and returned the wets to my two supers. I was told to leave them for about 2-3 weeks before removing them for storage over winter (and downsize to 2 brood boxes). The bees have done an excellent job of cleaning out the wets (bees are sooo amazing!) however have noticed they have started storing nectar in these frames. It has been less than the 2-3 weeks but I think the two supers and the cleaned out 'wets' are ready to be removed but not sure what to do about the nectar before I store them away? Assuming the will go off/ferment and not sure if that'd be ok and ready to re-use next time. Any advice on how I should remove my supers would be much appreciated - thank you!
  3. Thank you all for the quick replies! My supplier is an experienced beekeeper and has been really helpful along the way. You’re right, I wouldn’t be able to tell if it worked or not.. I will ask my supplier if I can get the Thymovar exchanged for Apivar in the first instance. Hopefully he will understand! Thanks so much
  4. Hi, I am fairly new to beekeeping in Wellington and have recently extracted my first batch of honey (yay!) and am now ready to treat for mites. I last treated my bees with Bayvarol so when I asked my supplier for Apivar, I was advised to use Thymovar. I ended up purchasing Thymovar but I am not too confident in using this product. Can someone please advise if Thymovar is safe/easy to use? Or if I’d be best to just use Apivar for my one hive? Thank you!
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